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South East Musicians Should break the ‘Lagos Based only-Breakthrough’ Jinx– Tessy Aniesi

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 Unoma Theresa Aniesi-Ngoesina Musically known as Tessy Aniesi is a Musician, Entrepreneur, and Humanitarian, born and breed in Anam. CEO of Tessytop Productions (Entertainment Production and Services). Co-Founder of Nugatie Limited (Travel and Tourism Services) and Founder of All Nations Arise and Manifest Initiative (A.N.A.M Initiative) popularly known also as Anam Transformation Movement, a community-based NGO in Anam, Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State, registered to advocate for the vulnerable population and community services.

Can you tell us what the proposed conference is all about and why it’s taking place this season?

Anam Gospel Conference is a 3days annual event that is packed with exhibition of every good content both in persons and in our communities. It’s a conference as well as a platform where most talents are showcased without border. This conference is billed to promote spirit of communism.

What are the expectations of the event organisers and how you intend to achieve them?

The event organizers expect to achieve many to mention but a few. To create awareness of disadvantages of underage marriage, promote girl Child education and boy child education as well because our future is bleak when our young women and men are exposed now to elements that limits their potentials. Some of our parents and their wards don’t know these so, the organizers have this campaign as number one objective and the achievement so far is massive, giving to the fact that the organizers take this campaign from community to community, engaging the parents and talking with the children and youth in their friendliest medium which is neutral entertainment ground.

Your group has been organising annual musical events in recent years. Tell us what the experience has been like so far?

Our annual events are not limited to musical. There are symposia designed to achieve “Value Reorientation” because our society is almost at the dead stage because of wrong values. Our events have cultural designs where we rejig, transform and reinstate our beautiful and unique abandoned cultures such as Ine-ezi (peculiar Anam Traditional Marriage) and Ịgba-mgba (Indigenous African Wrestling Entertainment). The organizers are also deeply into Medical Intervention Projects, Charity towards aged and abandoned citizens and vulnerable population generally.

Music side of what we do seems loudest because, that is the youth energy and that is what interests the youth the most, there was no such platforms for Indigenous talents, rural talents and the voiceless before we were raised. We also give highlights for talents such as comedy, dance, talk shows, folklores, skill acquisition and health summit. These things and more happen annually. So, it is never a musical event alone but a whole good news.

In what ways has this event impacted on your musical career and life?

This event has impacted amazingly to my musical career as it has reshaped and influenced my writings and emotions. I write songs now with clarity and my renditions are more energetic and with conviction now more than ever. Because I have come alive to my messages than singing a fairy tale or what everyone is singing but I bring to life now my lyrics. And my life has been greatly influenced firstly by my team mates. Honestly, the Transformation legion I work with, has made me know that, there are more good people on earth than the bad people. Their sacrifices, their realities and beneficiaries have made me to view life itself as a gift to be grateful for at all times and not take anything so serious anymore or be anxious for nothing. My life is better now.

 What are the challenges you have encountered on this project?

At first, my challenge was selling my idea to potential buyers, like minds (potential volunteers to be my team mates), and clarity of this vision. It was a challenge because I saw the big picture but I didn’t know how to define it.

When I started, some misunderstood it to be Christian movement because of the word “Gospel”, so it was hard selling it to Christians who viewed it as starting a church, and selling it to non-religious fanatics who viewed it as having religious undertone because of the word “Gospel”. So, balancing this vision with defined purpose was a great challenge for me, coming from a Christian background, a Christian gospel musician then floating a movement that’s not limited to any religion.

Then imagine going to a potential sponsor who sees gospel and tag your vision church movement, then you start educating the person that gospel doesn’t mean church but good news. Then in my heart I will be like (you are now educating whom you need money from, what if he sees you as knowing too much and how come you don’t have money to fund your idea), should I keep my knowledge aside to get funding or hide my knowledge to be funded? This was my biggest dilemma. Other challenges are human management and funding.

 Who is bankrolling you for this event?

Because our charity started from home, our events were and are funded firstly by people of Anam. But now, donors and philanthropists from outside Anam have joined also in funding our events and projects. Sometimes, when we have event or project, but couldn’t get external funding, we the Team of Anam Transformation Movement will task ourselves. We do freewill donations.

 What has been the response from your fans/followers since the inception of your music career?

My followers/fans responses so far have been a positive one. They believe and respond with their expectations has not being disappointing as I keep improving my musical career with lasting substances without losing touch with my originality. They are my biggest motivation

 Who is your role model in the industry, both local and International and why?

I have partitioned my life in four parts. Personal (private life), Musical life, Life of Entrepreneur and Humanitarian life.

So I have no particular role model in my private life, it’s strictly my chi (God) and the way it suits my husband and I. What works for Adaobi may not work for Olamma.

Musically, locally Patty Obasi and internationally CeCe Winans. Though both do not possess my full combinations because I’m as versatile as ever more than the two but I listen to them because they are lyrical gods. Deep life messages from Patty Obasi and vocal power of CeCe Winans.

I lately started following Bob Marley and Rihanna because of my love for Reggae Music. Bob is the greatest musical prophet to me and Rihanna is a vocal power house. I love and follow Rihanna because she sings, does humanitarian works a lot and she’s a business guru too.

How would you appraise the South East music talent evolution in recent years?

South East Music Talent Evolution in recent years has come very far and golden. We only need to break the jinx still which stereotypes Lagos as bane for breakthrough or if you breakthrough in South East, you must relocate to Lagos before you belong. That is the remaining challenge. I see talents who have shot themselves up and out of the crowd, in the south East, relocating to Lagos still. So I asked myself why? We need more shows promoters in East.

Entertainment contents Marketers Associations in South East should as a matter of fact, relax some of their policies that’s preventing emerging stars from breaking forth into the market.

I have had experiences of different marketers giving me lists of organizations to register my music production outfit or album with before they can allow my contents to sell. Some registration are to the tune of #250,000 and some lesser. But if the music comes from Lagos market, they accept it free. Then I wonder, so I have to go back to Lagos instead of launching some jobs from East as I planned. These and few other misconceptions need to be reviewed for the East Showbiz to blossom more.

 In what ways can government use this kind of event to discover and nurture talents?

Government can use this kind of event to discover and nurture talents through different established ministries and commissions. Like commissions of Youth Services and Cultural activities, commissions of Youth and sport, youth and creative industry, Culture, Entertainment and Tourism commissions, Ministry of Humanitarian affairs and much more, can, through this kind of event, discover real talents who hunger and passionate about their talents and pick them up for nurturing because these are natural deposits who without payments, are coming out in mass to showcase what is good about them. How much more when they are picked and given more attention, teaching and training? They will do more and the energy we have, is the premiums that only goes for gold medals in international stage.

Let government look at locally based platforms like this to fish in, for real deals. When this is done, they will not just be doing well for themselves individually, but also be beneficial to the government and sources of revenue generation too.

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