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Cleric urges Christians to pray for, not find faults with leaders

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Mr Geoffrey Ndukwe, Stake President, Aba South Stake, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has called on Christians to pray for their leaders instead of finding faults with them.

Ndukwe said that finding faults with leaders is not what God required from the church but rather to pray seriously for a change of heart and strategy for the leadership.

Ndukwe disclosed this on Saturday during the inauguration of the new Church building of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Aba Nigeria South Stake, on Aba-Owerri Raod.

“We are not comfortable with the way things are in Nigeria but at the same time, we know that if the Heavenly Father does not approve any leader, he will not be.

“The leaders are called by God but somehow, somewhere, things may go wrong; if God says that they would not be nothing will allow them to remain and see the day of their coronation and ascendance into office.

“The condition of Nigeria is not good and am not comfortable with it; but that will not give me the opportunity to stand and criticise the leader wrongly; but I will always ask God to help him to do what is right.

“That is our own stand; the church should always ask God in prayers to help our leaders to do what is right and not to criticize them wrongly because they are mere mortals and humans just like we,” he said.

Ndukwe said that the Church in Nigeria could change the nation if it would embrace the command of its Saviour, Jesus Christ, to love one another including their enemies.

He expressed regret that some pastors had changed the gospel and turned the church into a place where such pastors should be worshipped instead of having to worship God.

He said that his denomination whose leader was Joseph Smith was used to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Earth which it was striving to sustain by doing things the way the Saviour did them.

He said that the church had touched the lives of members of the communities around them because they believed that all men descended from Adam and Eve hence no segregation by them.

Ndukwe, while addressing the issue of killings in Nigeria urged Nigerians everywhere to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and to love one another which he said was the solution to Nigeria’s problems.(NAN)

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