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People to change Nigeria will soon surface – Abia cleric

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By Yolamchi Ukaga, Aba

A cleric, Dr. Onyeonoro Emmanuel, has prophesied that God has prepared some people that will soon surface to change Nigeria from imminent crisis, appealing to genuine Nigerians with the fear of God to seek the face of God for intervention.

Emmanuel, in an interview with Orient Daily in Aba, the commercial hub of Abia state, observed that Nigerian leaders had refused to change despite intercession of Christians and church leaders.

According to him, things were moving from bad to worse and, so, Nigeria needs God’s intervention. “With God’s intervention, I am sure we have hope. God did it during the military era, and he can still do it now.

He urged Christians to go into politics to salvage the already bad situation in the country. “Christian leaders should not sit back and watch things go wrong. They must get involved in decision making of this country.

“They must also ensure that when they get there, they don’t forget God. I encourage Christian leaders and other religious leaders to get into politics. Our mentality about politics was that it wasn’t for children of God. We saw it as a devilish thing and worldly. But for how long will the world continue to rule the children of God”?

He expressed joy over the unfolding political events in the country, noting that things would be better in 2023. “More righteous people will come up to take over the throne and change things for the better. The shadows of the righteous have been going and conquering, but once they get there, they forget God, because their foundation is not strong. But for 2023, the righteous will take over.

“I see Nigerian politics becoming emulative soon. And it will not be bad after 2023, by the grace of God, if people like me come out for governorship or deputy governorship with the experiences I have, I know things will get better” he stated.

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