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Liberia President, George Weah, his Predecessor, Sirleaf Fight Dirty over #Christmas Lights

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By Olisemeka Obeche

Liberian president, George Opong Weah has responded angrily to scathing remarks by his predecessor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf about his administration’s extravagant Christmas decorations. The fireworks started hours after the Nobel Laureate ex-president wrote a critical remark on her twitter page: “The opulence displayed at the Lightning of Liberian President Christmas Tree was indeed impressive, but with the country’s difficult economic climate, it’s an affront to the thousands who have not been paid and are hungry”.

The post which quickly generated mixed reactions on the social media also stirred the former football legend’s ire.  President Weah, in his trade mark as a sharp shooting attacker, wasted no time in firing back at Sirleaf, kicking mudslings in her direction.

He wrote: “Madam Former President, let me refresh your memory about what OPULENCE is:  OPULENCE is when Chevron gives 10 Million USD as CSR and you gave it to your son to squander. OPULENCE is when you have 4 billion in Foreign direct investment, but leave Liberia in abject squalor and poverty. OPULENCE is when you have 11 budget shortfalls in 12 years and yet spend tens of millions on failed projects like the Executive Mansion repair fiasco.

“OPULENCE is when you spend over a million dollars for Oil Law Consultations; only to bring your high school student grandchild to speak to experts. OPULENCE is when after 12 years of billions of dollars of Foriegn Aid, you still leave the country with 1 billion dollars debt that my government is now paying back. There are a 1000 more examples, but let me leave you with these for now. OPULENCE is not when you use an old Christmas Tree and Choirs to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Expectedly, mixed reactions had greeted the media war between the two West African nation leaders, with some commentators criticising the former AC Milan goal poacher for failing to deliver on his mandate and engaging in blame game.

Horace Cooper wrote:  “You were an influential Senator during her administration, what did you do to fix all these things you’ve listed? You’re now President, what have you done in the last 3 years to correct those wrongs? Use this energy to do a better job.. if you can.

Patrick Tate attacked Mr Weah for choosing to blame Sirleaf for his failings. “It is a shame for you Mr. President to believe that we Liberians still believe in blaming politics. Her wrongdoing is written on the wall but why can’t you persecute her entire government and also her kids, whom recently you had one on Thomas Fallah campaign team

Nwaegbe Nkem advised him: “Dear President Weah a lot of us Africans supported your candidacy whilst hoping for better. Please face governance & stop these old wives’ tales. Stories out of Liberia & indeed most African countries don’t sound good. Africa needs to do differently & better.

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