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Domestic violence, beyond literacy

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By Florence Anyakorah

The rate at which domestic violence keeps increasing, especially in this part of the world is becoming alarming. It has gone beyond the popular view that the act is only exhibited by illiterates. It is heartbreaking that the major perpetrators and victims of this social menace are highly educated and exposed individuals.

This raises question of why literacy could not solve this known problem. It all boils down to the first form of education which takes place at home. A lot of parents have not only neglected their duties towards their children, but have also planted bad seeds in the minds of their children through their actions and inaction. This is why it is said that the seed of indiscipline is sowed in home, watered in school and harvested by society. If parents don’t treat the training of their children as sacrosanct, then the society will be left with no option than to keep producing hooligans and irresponsible persons capable of unleashing harms on their fellow humans.

Any parent that beats his wife in the presence of his children will definitely raise children who would beat their spouses. So, there is the need for parents to be careful with what they teach their children.

Lots of young ladies are scared of getting married with all the violence stories across the nation, and the world over. If truly, formal education helps to reshape mind and instill discipline, values, attitude, and so on, what then has happened to our Nigerian system with edifice called schools. I also maintained that an educated man is not necessarily one who has gone to school but one whose behaviour conforms to the norms and expectations of society. The question still to be answered is, “Does our society still place emphasis on morality and value system”? Let’s join hands to end domestic violence.

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