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Clerics whose stunning prophecies got fulfilled

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By Collins Nkwocha, Lagos 

Clerics are treated with utmost veneration because people believe that their words and doings are divinely inspired. According to the Bible, prophets of God play paramount roles in governance because their appointment and removal is subject to divine leading from God, through his prophets. We are in the last days and God has poured out his spirit of vision and prophecy as he promised. These are some top clerics in Nigeria that made shocking revelations that came to pass.

PASTOR ENOCH ADEBOYE: This great man of God made a shocking revelation at the beginning of last year. He said: “This year, unless we pray very hard, it will be like a child that is having convulsion”. People doubted the prophecy and wondered how it was going to get fulfilled until the surge of corona virus pandemic. The entire world had to pray and acknowledge the supremacy of God. Nobody wishes to remember 2020 because it was indeed like a child that had convulsion.

PRIMATE BABATUNDE AYODELE. He is obviously one of the best prophets in the world at the moment. He gave the prophecy concerning the coming of corona virus pandemic in 2017. He prophesied that the virus would shut down the world. 
Primate Ayodele prophesied and warned the government that kidnapping, banditry, abduction and general insecurity would envelope the country. He implored the government to do something drastic to tackle it. The government treated the prophecy with levity. Today, the entire nation is boiling because of it. Insecurity has taken a new dimension, even the Eastern part of the nation that used to be safe is boiling at present. 

CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEJE: He is one of the fast rising prophets in Nigeria at the moment. He prophesied the #ENDSARS that caused serious problems in Nigeria. People didn’t believe him because he didn’t lay so much emphasis on that. He just told his congregants that the protest would lead to riot. It happened. Lagos State government said that 1trillion is required to reconstruct and repair the loss that the state suffered.

REV. FATHER MBAKA: He has one of the most controversial prophecies in the history of Nigeria. A lot of people could not fathom how Hope Uzodinma will become the governor of Imo state, despite finishing fourth in the governorship election. Father Mbaka gave the prophecy that Hope Uzodinma would become the Governor of Imo State. He said that Emeka Ihedioha will be ousted. Many people doubted it and called him names. The prophecy got fulfilled. Uzodinma is the Imo state governor till date.

ARCHBISHOP BENJAMIN MUSTAPHA (JEHOVAH SHARP SHARP). APC used every machinery at their disposal to convince Nigerians that they have come to bring the much needed “change”. Everyone believed and voted them into power. The African major prophet as he is fondly called, told Nigerians not to vote APC into power because they would all regret it. He warned that the administration would bring so much hardship, hunger and suffering. Today, Nigerians are wishing they listened to him because the prophecy has 100% fulfilment. 

PROPHET GODWIN IBEJI. This great prophet told the government to make security issues paramount because he sees insecurity spreading to every part of the country like wildfire. He warned that he saw insecurity becoming a great menace and that it would cause more harm to Nigerians, even more than the dreaded corona virus pandemic. It’s very explicit that insecurity has claimed more lives in Nigeria, even more than corona virus. The government is trying hard to tackle it now, but it’s obvious that they don’t have an answer to it yet. 

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