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Catholic Bishops Sanctioned Over Sexual Abuse

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They were banned from participating in any public religious celebrations or lay gatherings.

Both will also need to pay an adequate amount to the St Joseph’s foundation that supports sex abuse victims, the statements read.

The problem of sex abuse within the Polish Catholic church, including against minors, returned to the spotlight in recent years, following a series of TV documentaries and media reports on abuse and cover-up attempts.

Both punished bishops featured in such reports.

 Glodz was also criticised for the alleged bullying of his subordinates during his tenure as archbishop and a glaringly lavish lifestyle.

According to information provided by the Polish Church, sexual abuse complaints were filed against 382 priests in Poland between 1990 and 2018, involving around 625 victims.

In the summer of 2019, Poland appointed a special state committee for investigating the abuse of minors aged 15 and younger.

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