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About Us

Orient Daily is a unique and carefully managed multi-media platform, designed as a model to excite, activate, enlighten, entertain and motivate the entire Nigerian population, especially those of the South-East and South-South regions of the country. We remain a professional, well-respected and trusted media platform of note.

Orient Daily seeks to be the voice of the people of the regions of the South but superciliously presenting the posture of a real national daily.

We are very much aware that we are now living in a world of information explosion, where it is no longer about newspaper, but about Journalism and where it is no longer about content but about engagement. We are aware that people’s media attention time is now being spread to so many places other than news.

We are also aware that people now self-administer huge amounts of contents that relate to their lives, while news, at best, will win a few minutes of their attention each day. However, we are aware that people still live in communities and villages.

We are also aware that these people still get up every morning with things they need to do in the local space, places they need to go, things they need to buy or sell, interests they want to satisfy, problems they need to solve. Consequently, they still need local information, far more, in fact, than they need news, which now seems to be everywhere.

The newspaper is distributed nationally directly through vendors and their agents and, very soon, through subscription. In fact, we think local and act global.

We are primarily concerned with expanding our reach, growing our target audience and readership. We also want to quickly integrate our print, digital, and events/activities to fulfill the strategic needs of our advertisers. Our digital version is already attracting a sizeable number of hits.

Our website address is orientdailynews.com. We will sustainably provide the most relevant and comprehensive news and analyses on the South-East and South-South regions.

We have a well trained and experienced team of journalists always working for increased efficiency.
The rest of the Orient Daily team can be described as marketing ambassadors of the company. They are all engaged in the business of satisfying and delighting our growing audience.

We have a good number of high networth professionals as members of our Editorial Advisory Board including;

  • Dr Chidi Amuta
  • Barr. Gabriel Egemonye
  • Barr Nnoruka Udechukwu, SAN
  • Brig Gen JOJ Okoloagu (rtd)
  • Prof Vincent Anigbogu.

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