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Guber race: Ozigbo unveils vision for new Anambra

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By Gabriel Chy Alonta & Lawrence Nwimo

Anambra state governorship aspirant, Valentine Ozigbo, has revealed his discomfort with the condition of Anambra state, saying that condition was the drive he had towards vying for the governorship of the state.

“I decided to run for governor of my beloved home state because I am uncomfortable with the status quo,” Ozigbo told the audience.

He said during an interactive session with prominent Anambra indigenes in Lagos last Saturday. According to him, “It is unfortunate that, given the abundance of human capital, talent, and resources that Anambra has, we are still talking about providing basic infrastructure and social services for our people. These should have been forgotten problems by now.

“We are supposed to be an exemplary state in terms of good governance and leadership. I am in the race for governorship to change the story of Anambra for good,” he declared.

“When I decided to go on this quest to serve, I made a promise to the Almighty God that if he favoured me with victory, I would run an all-inclusive government which thinks of the people all the time, listens to the people all the time and serves the people all the time.”

“This is just another step in the journey of engaging the people to make sure that the issues that matter to Ndi Anambra are the front-burner issues for my administration,” he said.

According to Mr Ozigbo, he decided to host the town hall events across the country to deliberately widen the scope of his consultations and carry along all Ndi Anambra, irrespective of state or city of residence, in his quest to govern.

“We are not here to lament over the past; we are here to actualise the bright future of our dreams,” Ozigbo said.

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