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Suspected touts attack industrialist’s convoy in Aba

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By Yolamchi Ukaga, Aba

Touts, said to be government revenue collectors, tried to intercept the convoy of a popular industrialist, but ended up attacking and injuring police officers on his convoy.

Orient Daily gathered that the incident took place at Okigwe Road, off Aba GRA, where the convoy of the industrialist was accosted by the touts whom many residents alleged were from Abia State Board of Internal Revenue (ABIR).

An eyewitness said about five touts on a white minibus, went after the industrialist’s convoy, which included a Tundra Pickup Jeep and one Toyota Corolla, neither bearing signs of commercial vehicle to warrant revenue collectors to go after them.

The eyewitness said that immediately the touts saw the convoy slowing down they jumped out of their minibus, rushed towards the Tundra Pickup Jeep and attacked occupants of the vehicle, which included police officers.

Consequently, the policemen released some shots, which scared the touts away. However, one of the attackers identified as Kyrian Soronnadi, was arrested by the police. Some residents, who witnessed the incident pleaded with Abia state government to remove touts from the road, so that people can do their businesses freely without harassment.

“My problem is that government kept telling us that they are not using touts to collect revenue, but, on daily basis, you see touts on Abia roads. They’re emboldened by the rumours that they work for a retired police man from Obingwa, who was given a contract to impound vehicles carrying goods. But it is shocking that they have left the New Umuahia Road, where they have been operating to come into Aba.

Recall that a tout was shot and killed, by a police officer near Aba Town Hall last year for similar issue. “Those who usually send them denied knowledge of their activities. They have started regrouping one after the other. Government must end this. How can a normal human being be dragging steering with a driver?”

SP Geoffrey Ogbonna, Abia police public relations officer (PPRO), failed to answer to several calls placed on his mobile line for his reaction, before filling his report.

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