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Stop politicizing COVID-19 – Clergy advises leaders

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By Joseph Kingston, Calabar

The national publicity secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Bishop Emmah Isong has alleged that government across the world was politicizing the coronavirus pandemic, saying although there is no controversy over the destructive effects of the virus, politicizing it could aggravate the bad situation.

In a chat with our reporter in Calabar, Tuesday, the PFN Scribe advised that COVID-19 protocols be adhered to as advised by medical experts, but added that “the way out spiritually is to pray and ask God to take care of you and your family and most importantly you must give your life to Jesus and be born again.”

According to him, “The way out of COVID 19 is for governments at all levels to stop politicizing the virus. Coronavirus pandemic is real but it should not be for money making. The truth is that governments are politicizing it, adding salt and pepper. It has become a way of making money from the World Bank.

“In fact if a governor wants support from the World Bank, he could collapse and say he has been infected, and while under ‘self isolation’, he would be drinking coffee with his wife and family and ten million dollars will arrive and then, he would recover. Let them remove the political coronavirus and let us deal with the medical coronavirus.”

Asked on the COVID 19 vaccines, the Presiding Bishop of the Calabar-based Christian Central Chapel Int’l (CCCI), said “I believe strongly that the real vaccine for coronavirus has not been discovered and we are praying it should be discovered.

“I was in touch with New York this afternoon and friends of mine are telling me, listen we are not sure of the vaccine. I am sure the sickness is real, it is killing people all over the world, people should stay safe but I can tell you reliably that the vaccine is not 100percent in order.

“I am told it is 50 percent, some say 40, but anything that has 40/50 percent assurance rating is not ideal for use. Please do not depend on vaccine, I am not talking about the anti-christ narratives, I am not talking about the narratives of the 666, but I can tell you that the vaccine is not yet proven. If it arrives Africa, they should test it on the people that brought it first, if they survive after three weeks, then we could take it.”

The Bishop also gave what he termed ‘5-point solution’ to tackling the challenge of insecurity in the country, submitting that the menace could be drastically reduced if the said suggestions are implemented holistically.

“First, the service chiefs should be relieved. You may ask, when? And I will say, immediately, because tomorrow is too long. Number two thing to do is that security vote, both at federal and state level, should be accounted for and made public. You and I know that security vote should be retired and audited.

“Government should improve the salaries of security agents so as to motivate them. And then, government should improve our already obsolete weapons. Now technology is used to fights crime more human beings. I hoped you know that if you look at the president of America, China and Britain, you don’t see a policeman standing behind them because there is enough intelligence and technology around them to provide security.

“Lastly, government must improve the economy. The economy is the greatest security, no wonder they use the word, ‘food security.’ I studied banking and finance for four years, and there is a course we took in management studies called self actualization, which means that man’s needs is built in a pyramid, starting from biological needs to security,” he stated.

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