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Marrying A Journalist Has Made My Career Better — Ojo

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Olorunleke Ojo, a former Flying Eagles goalkeeper and now Sunshine Stars of Akure goal tender, has sensationally revealed that having a journalist as wife has made a huge and positive impact in his career, Orient Sports reports. 
Ojo’s  marriage has been blessed with children and Ojo says he’s a father but a proud dad for that matter. 
“Well, I’m not just a father but a proud one. Being a father has added more value and excellence to my life and career in every part of me. So, I thank God”.

Ojo has spent seven season in the domestic top flight with a humble beginning at Giwa FC, Jos, later Akwa United and now Sunshine Stars. 
Fielding question during an interactive session with NPFL Undiluted, a Whatsaap platform focusing on the promotion and upliftment of the Nigeria domestic top flight, Ojo insisted that rather than affecting his career negatively, his marital union with his (undisclosed) journalist wife has added tremendous value to his goalkeeping career. 
“Well, it has never at any point affected my career negatively”, reckons Ojo.
“Instead, it has been positive, especially having good relationship with other journalists”.

He hinted that having to travel all alone without his family’s knowledge remains his most difficult moment as an upcoming player. 
“If you ask me, I’ll say those period when I had to travel all alone by myself without my family knowing remains my most difficult moment in my career”, he disclosed.
He revealed that despite those difficult moments, he still persevered and resisted thoughts of giving up. 
“I never thought of giving up for any reason because I so much believed that no matter what life brings my way, I’ll conquer”.

The shrewd optimism with a disposition to conquer soldiered on. Sooner than later, he had a go at the National U20 Team,  Flying Eagles, as a due reward for his determination and hard work. 
In a nostalgia, Ojo recalls that helping Giwa FC to Nigeria Professional Football League,NPFL, was indeed the high point of his stint with the club.   
“I thank God for the privilege for me to have played for the club. But everything ended as written by God.
“However, I’ll say the high point of my stint there was getting promotion for the club to the Premier League.
“It was my first season in the NPFL so you can understand what that means. That feat was also made possible given the caliber of  players the team had then”.
Ojo was a cult hero at Akwa United during the 2018/2019 season. That season, though abridged, his heroics in between the sticks steered the Promise Keeper to the Super Six (6) playoffs in Lagos. 
Suddenly, the goaltender shocked the domestic league followers when he headed for the exit door with Sunshine Stars as his new and preferred destination. 

“I thank God for making me a part of Akwa Utd during the period I spent with the club. I won’t say I helped the team to qualify for the Super6 but I celebrate God for the part He helped me play to get the success. 
“My contract ended and I had to leave. I had several other offers but in the end I found out that Sunshine Stars’ offer dwarfed all the others so I had to move. 
“Besides, Akure is a familiar place for me so I knew it was going to be easier to me to adapt quickly and settle down”.
In 2015, Ojo was part of Flying Eagles squad that won the CAF U20 AFCON in Senegal. 
But the team could not replicate such form on the global stage in New Zealand during the FIFA U20 World Cup finals. 
Playing in Group E, the Nigerians finished second with six points behind Brazil with the maximum points. 
However, the Eagles had their wings clipped by Germany (1-0) in the Round of 16 tie to exit the tournament. 
Ojo reflects on his days in the Flying Eagles as well as what led to the team’s flop in New Zealand. 
“I had great moments then at the U20 national team.  Getting to work with some of the great coaches and also playing alongside other good players.
“I’ll say it was ill luck cost us the championship. It was like the the tournament wasn’t meant for us to win. We thank God for the little success we had and where we got to”.
Yet, he still looks ahead for a possible return to the National Team set up. 
“Yes I do, with all my heart. But the fact still remains that we all can’t be there at the same time”. 
Five years after his U20 World Cup outing for Nigeria, national team selectors don’t seem to be looking in the 24-year-old’s direction. But much as he dreams of a possible return to the National Team stage, Ojo says patience is his watch word. 
“Well, it’s the dream of every footballer to play for the national team. I’m not an exception. But, God’s time, they say, is the best and I’m also a fan of the saying that patience is power.  
“But I’m still looking forward to getting there someday”.

He spoke on the ‘good’ job LMC is doing with domestic league. He also barred his mind of the NPFL players welfare as well as what LMC should do to make the league a model. 
“To be honest, the Shehu Dikko led LMC has been wonderful and I think all we need to do is to appreciate all they had offered so far.. 
“Televising the league matches, making it possible for the World to watch our matches I believe would have been the best, any day and any time.
“I believe so much in our league players here too. If given the chance we would do our best too. But like I said, we all can’t be there at the same time”.
Ojo disclosed that the Corona Virus Pandemic which has caused suspension of football and related activities Worldwide with people licked down is an I’ll wind that’s blowing no one any good. 
He says he’s just managing the situation more so, as no one saw it coming
“Honestly, it hasn’t been easy staying out of action, training and not playing matches for this long period..Because no one saw this coming. But in all things, we’re condemned to appreciate the Creator, our God”.

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