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People judge Osimhen without knowing him — Agent

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Roberto Calenda, agent who follows and looks after the interests of Victor Osimhen, on Radio Martehe intervened to comment on the latest on the Napoli striker: 
Roberto Calendar, the intermediary of Nigeria international, Victor Osimhen, has hit out at the Napoli forward, especially manager Gattuso, saying they find pleasure in ‘judging’ the striker without knowing him.

Calendar spoke to Radio Martehe, insisting that those who criticise Osimhen for lack of enough goals returns for the Series A side do not know his history.
“Osimhen doesn’t see the goal?”, he queried rhetorically. 
“Aside from the jokes, I’m only sorry that judgments are made without knowing the player and without knowing his history. 

“Or you don’t evaluate certain things. The boy was stopped for 90 days, he took a blow to the head. 
“The athlete must train and have continuity and be physically well to then express his level. 
“I have read and heard some hasty reviews and this is sorry. And I’m sorry also to hear the comments of those who say he has quality but without seeing the goal. 

“Victor is a sunny, true, genuine guy. 
“What he expresses on the pitch is his state of mind. He is always there for his teammates and therefore there is a will to do well that can be seen on the pitch.
“Sometimes certain things fail because you are not fit or not focused, so it is normal for nervousness to emerge but it is all positive nervousness because it tends to improve”.

On Osimhen’s relationship with Napoli manager, Gattuso, Calendar maintained that there is perfect player/manager cord between the duo. 
“We should ask him but there are no doubts because he has an excellent relationship with the coach. You can see, there is harmony, the coach wanted it. 
“I repeat: I don’t discover Gattuso, he is a direct and loyal person, he was as a player and he is now a manager. 

“The players love this, it has a quality that is not for everyone”.
He went on to reckon that the Italian football has kind of, improved.
“Absolutely yes. It is normal that our league is very tactical and it is not necessarily the best, because before we have spent fantastic decades but then this thing has diminished a bit because moving money makes the difference. 

“I always tell young people that coming here they have a very important professional experience. 
“Here you learn movements that you don’t learn anywhere else. 
“However, the other championships are also balanced but here tactics are king”.
Calendar was evasive on whether Osimhen’s goals return could hit the double figure this term.
“I don’t like bets also because the opposite always happens. Surely you can advise to do it in this regard”.

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