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Heartland fault Noshiri’s transfer to katsina Utd

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By Sab Osuji

Heartland Football Club, a Nigeria Professional Football League,  NPFL, side has faulted striker Samuel Nnoshiri’s mid season transfer to Katsina United,  claiming it did not follow best transfer procedure, Orient Sports reports. 

The Naze Millionaires are feeling hard done by the organisers of the domestic top flight,  League Management Company,  LMC, who issued Nnoshiri’s transfer documents to the Chanji Boys without contacting them (Heartland). 
The four time Nigeria Champions feel there are palpable conspiracy to short change Heartland.
Heartland insist that there are clandestine moves by some people to cash in on the internal feud in the Arugo Boys fold to twist their arms,  claiming that Nnoshiri is still under a ‘one-year (12 months) contract with them which expires on December 31, 2021.

Nnoshiri, a former U20 national team,  Flying Eagles forward,  had stirred the hornets nest on April 4, 2021, when he writes to LMC to inform the league body that he’s terminated his contract with the club (Heartland).
Nnoshiri claimed that he was owed FIVE months salaries by Heartland FC,  hence his decision to part company with them so he can move on with his career. 

Four days later,  April 12, LMC responded to the player’s prayer by sanctioning the transfer to Katsina United.
But Heartland screamed blue murder,  claiming that LMC did not hear from them as required by the rule before granting the player’s request. 

“When Nnoshiri eloped from our camp without permission and notice,  we notified everyone, including LMC when we declared him absent without official leave,  AWOL”, Tonnex Chukwu, Heartland TMS officer said. 
“I, in my capacity as the TMS officer wrote to LMC when we got information that he was romancing with Katsina United but till date, we’ve not gotten any reply. 
“So, we’re shocked to read that same LMC has cleared him for Katsina United. We want everyone to remain calm, maintain the status quo as we employ all legal means to ensure we obtained justice”.

But another official of Heartland who would not want to be mentioned in print, told Orient Sports that there were more to the hasty clearance of the player than meets the eye. 

“First, I’m fully aware that Nnoshiri signed a one year contract with us. His contract would expire on December 31, 2021.
“So, he has a validly existing contract with us. As regards his claim of the club owing him five months salaries, to an extent yes,  and no to an extent. 

“This is because, for sure we are owing but not up to five months as he claimed. Secondly, remember that this indebtedness arose from the outbreak of covid-19 last year which crippled all sporting activities globally. 
“If a player or party to a contract declares a trade dispute, what’s the first duty of the controlling body (LMC in this case)? Is it not to bring the two parties together for resolution? Or at least hear from the two sides before taking a decision? Is this not what CAF,  FIFA and, or NFF does? Why didn’t LMC follow this golden rule? Why is this case different?”.

The official claimed that Nnoshiri’s transfer saga may have arisen from the fact that the player is a transfer target of a European club. 
“Since playing in the U20 national team,  Nnoshiri has become a transfer target of a big club in Europe. 
“Don’t ask me the name because I won’t tell you. Maybe they want to scheme us out of the expected proceeds especially as we’re entitled to 20% of it. 

“So, they may have opted for where they may pay less percentage if the deal sails through. 
“But realistically,  I feel they are trying to avoid any hitch in the transfer (to Europe) process because, as you, there are a lot if internal wrangling in Heartland. 
“Heartland appears to reflect the popular novel titled: ‘One Week, One Trouble’ and no European club likes dealing with such club”, the official stressed. 

Nnoshiri, 19, was Heartland’s leading scorer in the first stanza of the 2020/2021 season with five goals. 
He joined from ASJ Academy, Eziobodo, near Owerri, Imo State, in 2018

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