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Security operatives uncover hard drugs in FCT slums

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By Ben Adoga

Military and police operatives in collaboration with FCT relevant agencies last weekend uncovered substances suspected to be hard drugs during raids on some slum settlements in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The substances suspected to be Indian hemp were carefully concealed beneath the ground in seven bags in a slum in Wuye District and Jabi areas of the FCT.

The sting action was designed to flush out criminal elements responsible for the escalation of kidnapping in the FCT. Several suspects were arrested during the exercise.

The director, security services of the FCTA, Adamu Gwary, said the raid was authorised following a report that criminals, constituting nuisance to the society, were hiding in the areas.

The raid was conducted by a full complement of security apparatuses and relevant agencies of the FCT Administration.

They included a unit of the Nigerian Army, the FCT Police Command, the FCTA Department of Development Control, Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC) and Abuja Parks and Recreation.

The dreaded slum settlement in Jabi was targeted and Daki Biyu area of Wuye District with known history of criminal activities.

On sighting the operatives some of the criminals in Jabi opened fire, probably to scare or deter but the security contingent meant business and got some arrested while some took to their heels.

The shanties were destroyed and the substances uncovered and taken for analyses by relevant authorities.

Gwary said the FCT police command had taken over the issue of the arrested suspects for prosecution while the seized cache of Indian hemp had also been handed over as exhibit to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

“We addressed the areas at the fringes of Jabi and Wuye District when we received a report. You can see the quantity of drugs uncovered in the course of the operation. We visited the shanties that are within the forest between Jabi and Wuye District where such shanties were removed.

“Large quantity of weeds, found to be Indian hemp, was discovered. You can also see the way and manner at which such drugs were conceived in many bags. It presupposes that such shanties are not only covering the activities of the petty criminals but drug barons,” Gwary said.

The director also addressed the problem of undeveloped plots of land and abandoned buildings that provide cover for criminals in the territory. He said at a recent FCT Security committee meeting, both the AMMC and Development Control as the city managers were mandated to enumerate those properties without further delay and take the necessary procedures against those who fail to develop or refuse to develop their allocated property.

He also assured that the FCTA would now confront headlong the problem of open urination on both sides of the road at Jabi Motor Park, where several business offices are located.

He warned the park union leadership to take condemned responsibility and stop the abuse of the park environment.

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