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Release your cousins or no Ofala – Ukpo youths threaten Arthur Eze

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By Jonathan Asikason

The crisis in the Eze na Ukpo royal family has taken another dimension as Ukpo youths have further threaten to disrupt the annual Ofala festival of the town if Prince Arthur Eze fails to yield to their demands.

The youths had in a protest last week demanded the unconditional release of his two cousins, Princes Olisa Berlus and Onyeka Eze who were reportedly under detention by the EFFC on the behest of the billionaire over alleged crime of embezzlement.

Orient Daily gathered that the duo of Messrs Olisa and Onyeka, who before now were members of the kitchen cabinet of the Ukpo born philanthropist, are accused of embezzling billions of Naira belonging to the latter.

In their protest last week, Dunukofia youths rallied for the accused – maintaining that they are innocent. Hence some of the placards used in the protest read: “Nobody is with your money Says Dunukofia Youth,” “Justice for two princes of Ukpo Kingdom, ” Princes Olisa Eze and Onyeka Eze are innocent,” “Ozoigbondu, remember they are your brothers.”

To buttress their argument, the youths blamed Arthur Eze’s Personal Aide as the factor behind Eze’s brothers’ ordeal. “I don’t know whether he uses charms on Arthur. He believes everything he told him. He was the one that told Ozoigbonudu that they stole his money,” one of the protesters said.

However, a source from the family who spoke to Orient Daily on condition of anonymity divulged that there’s a strong evidence against the two.  “Both account balance and their properties indicted them. To settle the issue, Ozoigbondu came up with suggestions but they refused.. Saying that it is not his money…Do you know how much we talking about?,” he said.

In a follow up, the youths have threatened to stop the annual Ofala Festival of the town if Arthur Eze fails to release his two cousins.

Igwe Robert Eze, younger brother to Arthur Eze, has already set plans in motion for the preparation of the festival but with this latest threat, one wonders if the event would hold if Arthur fails to yield to the demands of the youths.

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