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Politics in Nigeria: A better approach (Part 4)

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At every turn of the road, one would notice that people have suddenly devised strange means through which they play politics. Many 21st century leaders and politicians have stopped bothering about the feelings of those over whom God has chosen them. It has become obvious that many people who play politics these days see politics as a means of satisfying their personal interest and not one to make any positive impact in the lives of the people. The style of politics of some politicians has made so many people lose interest in the process of politicking.

If all we know about politics is pursuing our personal interests at the expense of other people’s interest, then we know nothing. Again, if all our interest in politics boils down to manipulating everything and making everyone else look stupid, then we are not ready to build a sustainable legacy. Our personal interest, if we must succeed in politics, must be swallowed up by our desire to give our people the kind of quality representation that will spur them into believing that we are the answer that they have always needed, anticipated and expected.

In politics, there is no magic better than winning people’s confidence. And in doing that, we must be determined to make sacrifices. I have always maintained that making sacrifices, no matter how we see it, cannot be separated from our resolve to serve our people with zeal. Politics, to me, is all about sacrifice. If we are not ready to make sacrifice, then we are not ready to serve. By the way, serving has to do with sacrifice. Yes, in serving, one must sacrifice, one must pay a price, one must deny oneself some comfort, if one must make a positive impact.

Did I hear someone say that sometimes politicians can also be sacrificed? Yes, that is possible when the need arises. Or do you not know that the decision to serve the people is not, must never be, all about feeding on the people? Again, do you not realise that taking up the responsibility to represent the people goes with a whole lot of things? One who is aspiring to take up leadership position should be able to realise that leadership is not a child’s play. Leadership goes with sacrifice; leadership goes with service; leadership goes with price; leadership goes with giving; leadership goes with self-denial, selflessness and passion.

In leadership, one does not claim to know it all. Whenever a leader gives his or her followers the impression that they know nothing and/or that he or she is the only one who knows it all, then such a leader will soon meet his or her irrelevance. At the same time, no leader should be arrogant and proud. No leader should lord it over the people. No leader should lead with a sense of irresponsibility. In fact, I have always maintained that, in leadership, one ought to give one’s power away. Empowering the people simply means giving one’s power away. No leader should claim to be over-powerful!

I have made these points because I am convinced that some people who step into politics lack the foresight of good leadership. Yes, much too many people are into politics to satisfy their selfish desires and hike their egos. But then, that is not politics at all. Those who play politics must play politics with a human face. We must play the kind of politics that offers people the opportunity of having a sense of responsibility, as far as supporting and encouraging us is concerned. When we do well, the people will have a sense of responsibility and when this happens, pulling their support behind us becomes a thing of delight.

Politics in Nigeria should be strictly and seriously reviewed and politicians should be able to realise the fact that the people are wiser today than ever. We need to understand that politics is no longer business as usual. We need to realise the reality that those who are not refined in the rudiments of politics are bringing a bad name to the world of politics, so much that the people are gradually becoming fed up with their antecedents and activities. We need to reconsider how we play politics these days, especially realising that a lot of things have really changed.

The earlier we realise that people are getting tired of our system and style of politics, the better for all of us and, of course, the earlier we begin to adjust our understanding of politics. This topic has extended to this week because I see it as an avenue through which a lot of politicians should be able to make amends in their journey towards building a sustainable political strategy that will avail coming generations the privilege of a kind of formidable politics that is capable of putting them on the path of greatness.

If we continue to play politics the way and manner we have been doing it, what it simply means is that we do not have any plans for future generational politics. And even when we do, it means we are not ready to make any effort towards establishing a workable system that will enable them have a smooth atmosphere of politics. I am of the opinion that we should explore a more refined reasonable political structure that will effect the needed change in our political system. Political affiliation aside, those who play politics should realise the need to mend our falling political structures, with a view to finding lasting solutions to our vulnerability in politics.

One of the things we must not fail to do if our political system must be strengthened is to unite ourselves and forget this childish political gambling that has eaten deep into our politics. Any politician that does not have the interest of his or her people at heart is a dubious politician and it is obvious that his or her political journey will not stand the test of time. If we desire to push on progressively in our political journey, we must forget game, forget selfishness, forget gambling, forget pride, forget ego, forget sentiment, forget geopolitical attachment, forget denominational affiliation, religious biases and unnecessary fanatism.

We must re-strategize and reorganise. We must replan and reproject. Obviously, the normal way in which we pursue politics has failed us and we need to get wiser in our plan. We really need to push harder, this time around, so as to get the needed result. Nigerians should think of better ways by which we can revive our political system so that we can make things work. Politics in Nigeria should be given the necessary attention, as well as pursued from a very resounding perspective. This way, we can be sure that our political system will stand the test of time and achieve the anticipated result.

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