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Police return to roads: Anambra residents reacts

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Following the violent twist that rocked the #EndSARS nationwide protest and resultant attacks on police personnel and facilities by suspected hoodlums, its operatives disappeared from roads for safety precaution. Orient Daily recent checks revealed that police operatives have resumed patrols and manning of checkpoints following restoration of order. From the streets, also came reactions from Anambra residents on the return of police to the roads.

Chidiebere Andrew: Graduate waiting for national Youth Service Corp (NYSC) deployment

It is good that the police are back but I sincerely hope that some level of reform has taken place during the short time they were away because it will be of no use if they are back without changes no matter how little. I strongly believe and will even be part of the next protest paradventure the police are still the same. In fact, I hope the disbanded SARS are truly disbanded and not clothed to SWAT, thank you.

Okoro ChibuikeAwka based mechanical engineer

 I actually liked the return of police to duty because it will bring back security to the state because just the little while they were away, some parts of the state became unsafe. I appreciate their services, although sometimes it can be epileptic. However, the matter of fact is that the need for tight security is high this festive season. Besides, the major reason for the protest was to single out the bad ones and punish them accordingly while constantly educating on how best to handle issues not arresting and detaining people unlawfully.

Akpan Idiong, a businessman

Well, I know that many people felt happy that the police were rattled during the EndSARS protest. Even most commercial drivers were happy that there were no Policemen on the roads collecting money from them at that time. They were always complaining of how they spend large chunk of monies they make greasing palms of policemen at checking points and at the end of the day only little will be left for them to take care of their families. But, the truth remains that police operatives are needed on the road for security because without them, travellers are vulnerable to armed robbers and kidnappers. Now that they are back, I hope they have changed their mode of operation. This change is even long overdue.

Joshua Eze, Trader at Eke Awka

I am excited that police operatives they are back on the road because we all have seen that the little time they were not there, criminality increased. My only concern is that they will be lackadaisical about the job now because of the unjust treatment the received but I plead with them to take security seriously especially now that Christmas is here. Our brothers and sisters in diaspora will be coming back and even we that are here need their protection.

Solomon Utiome, Master’s degree student and businessman

It’s obvious that police operatives have developed cold feet towards their duty following the hoodlums attack on them at different stations. So far they were operating without forcing people to give them bribe. I see this as their way of getting back the confidence of people. We hope they will see the need for change, stop terrorizing the citizens and focus on securing the society.

Munachi Cletus: Online business man

The police shouldn’t have returned till intensive reform has been carried out. The reform should come first before their coming out. I agree there is need for security to be beefed up on the road and other places but other security agencies should have been adopted to do that while intensive police reform was ongoing; that way we can be assured of proper security. It is same old ways they have from the beginning that they will still have. What they need is reform then it will be evident in how they do their jobs.

Chioma Chukwuemeka: Student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

The return of police to duty is a welcomed development because security is very necessary in our society apart from the police brutality aspect, the police are meant save and protect lives and property. Although I expect the government to heed to our demands and make necessary reforms.

Ezeh Emmanuel, Student of University of Benin

Nigeria cannot exist without the Police institution as a country, because of high rate of crime that exhumes both from the government and the governed. The deep effect of corruption is what the country is reaping. It is a good thing that the police are back even though it is difficult to see the changes demanded for in the protests. In fact it is even better to sell off this country as the only way to sanctify this land. Everyone should go their separate ways then everyone will nuture his or her own land from the scratch, that way there will be purification.

Akin Folajimi, Graphics designer

Some police officers will tend to develop cold feet as a means of revenge to the society if they stick to the notion that the society was fighting them. I hope the government are really working to the favor of the demands, since the police are back and I really hope changes will be seen.

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