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Why Primate Ayodele is the number one prophet in Africa

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By Collins Nkwocha

Prophets are meant to give divine leading and directions, the hallmark of a true prophet is the fulfilment of his prophecies.

Some years ago, BBC declared Shepherd Bushiri the number one prophet in Africa, I couldn’t comprehend what led to their inapposite and erroneous decision or judgement, to be very sincere, the Malawian fugitive preacher does not have the full calling as a prophet, let alone being a major prophet as he self-proclaimed. Austin Liabunya, his Malawian counterpart is a prophet by calling, yet he does not operate in the realm the Nigerian seer and prophet operates.

Primate Ayodele should not just be regarded as the number one prophet in Africa, he should be acknowledged as the number one in the world because of his spiritual leading and direction, not just to Nigerian and African leaders but to world leaders at large. He prophesied the coming of coronavirus and implored the UN, WHO and Americans to get ready, three years before the pandemic came ravaging. He prophesied the invasion of Ukraine by Russian Forces, he prophesied the Coup in Burkina Faso and others. He has a book of prophecies “warnings to the nations” the amazing thing about this book is that it has spiritual guidance and leadership for every nation of the world.

Primate Ayodele should not just be seen as a major prophet, he should be acknowledged as a prophetic commander in the highest spiritual realm. He has also been the most consistent prophet in Nigeria because there is rarely any major event or destruction that happened without him warning the government. He prophesied the victory of Soludo, the death of Alafin of Oyo, the failure of Nigeria to qualify for the World and early ouster in the nations cup.

Finally, it is time to break religious protocols and barricades in Nigeria, our government should heed to divine leading from this great prophet; we are very lucky that he is a Nigerian, I strongly believe that God can use him to help the Nigerian nation to over insecurity through his prophetic and divine leading.

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