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The end-time ministry is meant to make up for some deficiencies in the body of Christ, before Now, clergies were seen as wretched and poor. The end time grace has presented us with the opportunity to make wealth and still serve God. This led to the holding of the programme titled MONEY EVERYWHERE by Grace Revolution International Ministry.

Pastor Schugger Ezenwa Onyeukwu PhD is the founder of the ministry and he has the rare anointing to make people rich. This might sound bizarre and incredible but it is true. The church which is located at Ukpor hall, Lords bus stop, Ago palace,Okota has made several youths rich through this important end-time anointing and this was the essence of the programme, “money everywhere”.It was a programme that produced astonishing miracles and a lot of financial breakthroughs.

Speaking to Orient Weekend, the cleric enunciated that God has given us the grace to excel and acquire wealth, he said: “Christ has paid the price for our wealth and our salvation, you must know that the blood of Jesus Christ can make you rich our youths don’t need money ritual because Christ has done the ultimate sacrifice for us; the anointing to make people rich is real, just the way Salvation is real as there are testimonies to this if you doubt me visit the above address on Thursday or Sunday, Christians are not meant to live in abject poverty” he stressed.

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