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Letter to Nollywood Conspiracy Theorist, Joseph Okechukwu

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Dear Joseph Okechukwu,

I am prompted to oblige you the honor of responding to your viral video that has sickened the internet space in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. I must congratulate your success in attracting attention to yourself, garnering more social media followers, at a time when serious minded and well-meaning folks have their intellectual potentials and capacities devoted to having a breakthrough from this scourge. Not like you deserve to be dignified by any response, but for the sake of unsuspecting faithfuls who may take your claims seriously.

I must begin by thanking you for making it easier to detect, in the last minutes of your video, the motif behind your “well woven” theory – Africans for Trump 2020.

I just have a few questions to ask for your further intelligible clarifications;

Why do sell the impression that there seems to be a well scripted plot for future historical unfoldings in a classified diary hidden from everyone but you, Johnson Suleman, and a select privileged few who the current pandemic has only amply availed the avenue to reveal the dynamics of this envisaged New World Order? You seem to be the new Johns on the island of Patmos to whom a new Revelation of Jesus Christ is given of “things to take place very soon” (Rev 1:1) and how blessed and fortunate are we if we watch your Youtube videos and “treasure the content because the time is near” (Rev 1:3). That’s quite interesting.

Why does your knowledge of scripture and biblical interpretative prowess revolve only around ch. 13 of Revelation to the exclusion of other chapters of the same book and other books of the same scripture? Just so you indict the Pope, and other religious leaders?

Is it not also puzzling how, in like manner as you have done to the Bible, you masterly cropped videos and texts of the Holy Father’s addresses and harvested excerpts of sentences that engineer your purpose?

AI – artificial intelligence, internet and data (5G) are the new phase of civilization and development, one in continuum of innumerable human innovations, fruits of God’s gift of inventive skill and creative vision to man. It is not novel that at various times, in varied methods, from various ends of the world, men of quintessential innovative minds have expended unimaginable efforts and resources for the discovery and manufacturing of technologies that would serve mankind’s fullest and happiest living possible.

Imagine what living was like for our ancients before technological evolutions in fashion, housing, electricity, machines, transportation, telecommunication, medicinal science. Imagine how crude life would be in the absence of computers and internet, perhaps your revelation and theories would be taped and transmitted to your targeted gullible audience via some magical or mysterious means.

I bet that at the different times these innovations were introduced, there were your kind of Johns who only cynically saw the negative threats posed by them and argued so eloquently and self-advertisingly to sway others into believing their so called conspiracy theories. In the same way you hinge your theory of and against the 5G internet having the propensity to keep us in our homes, shopping and attending meetings online, away from one another and reverse the culture of integral social and personal interaction, so some intelligent ancestor from your island of patmos certainly would have argued that travelling by vehicles and aircrafts would reverse the culture of journeying on foot through mountains, rivers and deserts, “taking away their rights” of savouring the sweetness of nature, like our forebears did, not allowing men strengthen their bones by distant walks as in the days of Abraham and Moses. Why would we send emails from the comfort of our rooms across continents and get replies within seconds, instead of the hitherto letter writing and postal deliveries or ancient pigeon message carriers.

I would not shy away from the truth that the 5G internet intended to be launched, just as other technological innovations before it, could and would pose some risks endangering human health and life, as well as the already degenerating ecosystem. But I reckon it to be grossly pessimistic ideologically, and logically unsound, and in fact a display of an unbalanced sense of judgement to highlight only the possible negative twist just to advance the veracity of your future-telling.

“AI becomes your god, data becomes the breath of life” Really?

How will 5G become a god? simply because business transactions would be dependent on the network, when it is launched? Did the prior versions of 4G (which you are currently using to disseminate injurious information from your computer), 3G, and 2G become gods because of how human activities were reliant on their functionalities and efficacy? Did electricity become a god in spite of how nearly 90% of human productivity and efficiency is reliant on its functionality.

I would also not be presumptuous to deny the possibility of these innovations being hijacked or funded by devilish intenders. But to implicate the Pope as being culpable of such an evil scheme, was grossly unchristian. Especially when your so called “proof” is nothing outside the fact that the Holy Father (and that is who he is – the Holy Father – regardless of what you may think or say to the contrary), Pope Francis had invited other world religious leaders to a yet-to-be-held meeting where it is hoped that a compact for peace amongst the religions of the world may be reached. I am puzzled at how the craze for clout would push you or Johnson Suleiman or anyone else to assume such a guise that is typical of the anti-christ by such a libelous and defamatory move against the successor of Peter, Christ’s vicar. I can only refer you to Matt 16:18.

Your theory on the “chip” as the mark of the beast spoken of in Rev 13:17, is only a grand proof that half knowledge is more dangerous and injurious than ignorance. Apparently, you are the shrewd and clever one with the requisite analytical intelligence to interpret the signs of the end times. Kudos!!! Mr. rational thinker.

Pope Francis

This is true also in your claim that the efforts of Pope Francis to dialogue with religious leaders of the world with the aim of fashioning ways for religious tolerance as against hostilities, peaceful and harmonious co-existence instead of recurrent interreligious conflicts add up to instituting a fatal “new world order.” You don’t need a degree in religious studies or a diploma in biblical theology to know the distinction between “preaching” and “proselytizing.” And nothing justifies the arrogance with which you call out the Supreme Pontiff for insisting on the wrongness of the latter. No religion should have its adherents induce or compel others (“non-believers”) to accept her beliefs, or worse still, join her, all in the name of conversion. That is far removed from the injunction of Christ in Mark 16:15, Matt 10:7; 28:19 etc. and the Pope does not hesitate, nor mince words in telling that to Christians under his shepherding as well as propose that as a standard for “a global compact” with other world religions. If this “universal solidarity” is the agenda of the meeting hoped to be held sometime later this year in Hague, and if this is the substance of the re-education of young people of the world to “open their minds and hearts to a deeper understanding of reality” beyond their hitherto myopic religious views that often drives them to extremism and hostility,  how does that make up for “a new world order of the anti-christ,” according to your version of Rev 13?  

Isn’t the naming of the Mary Mother of Christ Mosque in Abu Dhabi a sign of fruitfulness of these noble efforts? A monumental landmark that highlights, contrary to prejudice, that Islam and Christianity really have a lot in common, especially on matters bothering peace, love, and religious tolerance. An objective comparative study of the Holy Books of both religions tells much – that “everyone’s God-given human dignity must be respected, and that we must love our neighbors as ourselves, regardless of  faith, race, ethnic origin, gender, or social status, and live peaceably with all (cf. Rom 12:17-18, Mark 12:31,Qur’an 17:70)

More so, it does not beg for serious defense when the Pope tells a gay man that God loves him because that is the truth, regardless of how you may want to machine that statement to sooth your purpose. God indeed loves his children, and does not condemn them in spite of their errors and flaws. The narrative of the adulterous woman brought before Jesus by the trigger ready condemners (John 8:7) shows that God separates the sinner from the sin and whereas He abhors the sin (homosexuality for instance), He loves the sinner (the homosexual) notwithstanding. Pope Francis has consistently highlighted this aspect of God’s character by which He is pulled towards us by our sins just so He can pull us away from our sinful degenerated state.

Mr. Joseph Okechukwu, so you mean to tell us that Pope Francis, the vanguard of the inauguration and activating of “the system of the one world religion and the regime of the anti-christ, is at enmity with Donald Trump and “never” speaks well of the American President because his administration is at parallel with the Pope’s devilish intent? Therefore we should join your “Africa for Trump 2020” campaign so that he retain power for another four year tenure? Who would have thought the world would need another messiah in Trump after Christ. Is it not ridiculous that your only proof of the Pope’s antagonism against Trump is the former’s critique of the latter’s border policy without giving credence to the rationale behind his disapproval. If, according to your line of argument, the tendency of the internet to keep us away from interpersonal relations is evil, how does Trump’s strict anti-immigrant policies pass your test of Christ-like morality and as deserving of applauds?

I can only refer your followers to do some research by themselves on the relationship between the President and the Pope – google is ever helpful. Trump’s latest congratulatory message to the Pope on the 13th of March 2020, the 7th anniversary of his election as pontiff tells much – “On behalf of the American people, I am honored to congratulate you upon the seventh anniversary of your election to the Chair of Saint Peter,…Since 1984, the United States and the Holy See have worked together to advance peace, freedom, and human dignity around the world. I look forward to our continued cooperation,… Please accept my prayers and best wishes as you begin the eighth year of your pontificate” – President Trump.

However, any right thinking objective mind would readily discern that the imperative for “continued cooperation” which the President asks for leaves the religious leader the moral duty and obligation to speak up when the political leader enacts policies that stiffen the enabling political environment that would foster the “advancement of peace, freedom, and human dignity around the world.” That the Pope does not sacrifice Truth on the altar of friendship does not and should not suggest that they are at  enmity nor should it serve as an ingredient for your lame anti-christ theory.

Finally, I really hope and wish that your video finds its way to Trump’s desk and that he has the luxury of 33mins to waste watching the garbage. Perhaps you should device a more brilliant campaign strategy, the content and substance of which would be facts and truths rather than some junk of falsehood concocted and targeted at defaming or slandering anyone of esteemed repute. And when your friends call you again and ask you to “say something,” humbly tell them that a wise man doesn’t speak because he has to say something, but rather when he has something to say. And this something has to be meaningful, true, factual, and helpful.

Meanwhile let our prayer focus be on imploring God’s merciful intervention and healing of the world from this plague.

May His love be upon us as we place all our hope in Him, Amen.

Rev. Fr. Chike M. Osamor

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