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Curbing influx of aliens, beggars into Anambra State

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Dear Editor

Please, let me use the platform of your popular newspaper to draw the attention of Anambra State government, security agencies and all peace-loving citizens of the state to a looming threat posed by the steady influx into the state and other South-eastern states by suspicious elements disguising as beggars, nomadic herders and sundry destitute.

 Avid observers of unfolding events and prevailing atmosphere will no doubt, notice the ever-rising number of aliens in our midst, most of whom are unskilled, uneducated and awesome looking young men and females wearing overflowing clothes which cover their entire bodies, leaving only their faces hardly visible and identifiable – typical of Muslim women.  

The astronomically increasing population of these strange elements give some security-conscious natives in the rural communities and even urban dwellers serious cause for concern, owing to the escalating wind of insecurity presently blowing across the country.

It is true that the Nigerian constitution guarantees freedom of movement, association, expression and lawful pursuit of genuine means of livelihood in all parts of the country, but it is doubtful if these strange elements roaming our streets, most of whom are illegal migrants, are also accommodated under the constitutional immunity. 

There is no gainsaying that the current alarming trend of steady influx of alien migrants, being ferried at midnight hours with trailers and haulage trucks from the North into Anambra State, as other parts of the southern territories, apparently smack of premeditated invasion by unsung army of occupation.

With the benefit of hindsight of the modus operandi and pattern of violent attacks, and tactical deployment of the AK-47 wielding nomadic herdsmen, nobody should regard this message as mere crying wolf or raising false alarm because the people of Benue, Plateau and other Middle Belt states had hitherto ignored these ominous signs of security threat and bold handwriting on the wall, and now, they are paying dearly for such negligence. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

                                                                                   Mazi Chibuike Igboka, Ihiala.

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