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Dear Editor

The men of Intelligence Response Team (IRT) of the Nigeria Police Force, led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP Abba Kyari, recently intercepted and arrested three young men, identified as Hassan Magaji (29 years), Auwal Abubakar (21 years) and one Ibrahim (17 years), who were allegedly baking and supplying bread to the bandits terrorizing Birnin Gwari, Galadimawa, Giwa and other parts of Kaduna State. 

Bother suspects were nabbed with about 150 loaves of bread inside a vehicle meant to be delivered to the rampaging bandits camped inside the jungle from where they unleash bloody attacks on the hapless natives in their homesteads and farms. They also detain their kidnapped victims in the bush pending when ransoms are paid to ‘bail’ the abductees.

From the confessional statements by the three suspects, it became very clear that those so-called bandits are well known to the natives, as they often visit their relatives and concubines from the jungle from time to time. The attraction of the trio to the bread business with the terrorists, according to them, was due to the huge money generated from then illicit trade, as they (bandits) pay more than the normal prices of bread.

Magaji, as the owner of the bakery, earns more than N150,000 weekly, i.e., over N600,000 monthly, whereas Auwal Abubakar and Ibrahim are paid N500 with one loaf of bread as daily stipends for supplying the commodities to the hideouts of the marauders. 

Having extracted so much intelligence information from the three very credible sources about the whereabouts of the terrorists, in addition to the quantum of revelations by the Islamist scholar, Sheik Abubakar Gumi, who visits the hideouts of the bandits frequently, one had really expected that DCP Abba Kyari and his IRT squad to zoom into the said bandits’ camp in the identified jungle to decimate them marauders. But, nothing like that was reported in the press statement issued by the force.

One is therefore, tempted to wonder why the police and other law-enforcement agencies, combined with the Army and other military forces still find it difficult or inexpedient to flush out these trigger-happy, blood-thirsty bandits who are killing, maiming, raping, kidnapping and extorting millions of hard-earned money from their victims and destroying communities all over the Northern and some Southern parts of Nigeria, instead of chasing shadows in the South-East that is comparably calm and stable.

                                                                     Oye Eluemuno, Awka.

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