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Only God will save mankind from Coronavirus- Anglican bishop

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By Joseph Kingston, Calabar

The Chairman, Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN) South South zone, Archbishop Tunde Adeleye, has declared that only God will save mankind from the Coronavirus pandemic. Although, the cleric commended effort of both the Federal and Cross River State governments in the fight against COVID-19, he insists that only divine intervention, through prayers would save mankind from the pandemic.

Adeleye, who is also the Archbishop of Calabar Diocese of the Anglican Communion, made the remarks in Calabar, Sunday, during a chat with Journalists.

According to him, “All these measures are laudable but adding prayers and trusting God for his intervention would go a long way to bringing this challenge to an end. I appeal to government to allow Churches to meet together for prayers as the Bible instructs. The need to intensify prayers at this moment cannot be over-emphasized.

“The State government had said it would allow 50 worshipers to meet at a time with social distancing of at least three metres. This is very commendable and I would plead that this be maintained.

“As I said before, in addition to measures that have been put in place, we still need to pray. In my opinion, this virus is not ordinary. The virus is programmed by somebody, inspired by Satan, for a sinister purpose. It is not ordinary, it is the work of the devil and so in order to avert intended danger and purpose of this virus, government should allow Churches to meet, to pray and seek the face of God and ask for His deliverance from the threat of this calamity.

“You may ask, ‘can they not pray on their own at their homes?’ the answer is yes, we can pray on our own separately but the Bible instructs us to gather together to pray because by so doing, there is a greater force, combination of faith and there is power of agreement at play at that moment to roll away stumbling mountains. Let the Church gather, let them pray but not for too long. One hour of prayer is alright.”

On the celebration of this year’s Easter, Archbishop Adeleye said “it is unfortunate that the coronavirus problem is happening at this time of the year when we are celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord  Jesus Christ. Considering the situation we all have found ourselves, we will celebrate Easter and concentrate on the spiritual content and leave out the ceremonies and the glamour. It is for the safety and convenience of people that government is fighting for and so we have to obey.”

Asked whether the pandemic was a sign of the end of ages, the Archbishop Adeleye said the Scriptures did not say the world would end with the coming of coronavirus but that all other signs pertaining to the end had been unfolding, adding “the end is certain and fast approaching but nobody knows the exact date,” and therefore charged Nigerians to draw closer to God especially at a moment like this.

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