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Nigerians Recount Experiences Attending Christian Fellowships In Institutions

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Some social media users have recounted their horrible experiences at the hands of youth pastors and other leaders in Christian fellowships across higher institutions in Nigeria.

A Twitter user who started it online @olukayblark said his friend was beaten at the Campus arm of Believers Love World for arriving late to a workers’ meeting.

“I remember back in university when one of my guys came back home all moody and stuff. He said it was malaria, and I was pitying him. Only to later find out that Baba was flogged for coming late to the Workers Meeting at BLW. I wanted to run mad. A fellow student flogged you? Haa.”

His revelation has since attracted several reactions and many Nigerians also shared what they went through.

Twitter Influencer, @SamuelOtigba said he had witnessed where a fellowship dance leader harassed other students for coming late for rehearsals.

He wrote, “I remember a student, who was a University fellowship dance dept leader, instructing some members who came late for rehearsal to either kneel or stand on a chair & close their eyes. She gave each of them several slaps/punches. I left after that because Jesus didn’t die for this.

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