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Nigerian Lady Seeks Justice As Belgian Hospital Allegedly Cuts Off Her Cervix

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Nigerian lady in Belgium, Ajima Ogbole, has demanded justice after a Belgian general hospital, AZ Sint-Jan allegedly cut off her cervix in error. 

Ajima said she had visited the hospital in Bruges to seek a solution to her fertility struggles after she was diagnosed with fibroids.

She added that she was advised by a doctor to undergo a myomectomy, the surgery to take out the fibroids before trying to conceive.

Ajima said she had the surgery in November 2017 and returned for a checkup, only to be told by her doctor that her cervix couldn’t be found.

“He asked us to come back so he could put me under anaesthesia and try to find the cervix. We returned with my husband. When I woke up, I saw I had four holes on my tummy and I was wondering if it was the IUD. He was supposed to put the IUD (intrauterine device) as he felt my cervix was blocked. He later came in to tell us that he couldn’t find my cervix and so he didn’t perform the laparoscopy. He was going to refer me to KU Leuven,” she said.

“We met a professor in gynaecology, which was the best to recreate my cervix. The professor told me that, for the purpose of a pregnancy, a cervix has never been recreated and he hopes for my sake that there was a little hole through which my period will be able to flow out. So he performed investigations and did ultrasounds to see if he could see my cervix, but he couldn’t. So he ushered my husband and I back into his office.

“He explained that the cervix is a muscle that holds the weight of the baby until you’re ready to push and also protects the fetus from infection. He then told me that I couldn’t get pregnant naturally or artificially because the connection between the vagina and the uterus was gone. It was at that point we realised the intensity of the situation. My husband and I then travelled to Nigeria to consult another gynaecology professor and another fertility specialist.”

Ajima said a laparoscopy was conducted on her the second time in 2018 so as to recreate her cervix so there would be a passage through which her period flows can exit her system but the surgery was unsuccessful.

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