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Nigeria, Nigerians and the US elections

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The verve in the involvement of Nigerians, both home and abroad, in the 2020 elections would have been commendable if the same power were applied to Nigerian elections. The campaigns, and mobilisations were very massive, just as if Nigeria had a take in the success of any of the candidates with some Nigerians even fighting on social media over clash of interest.

Nigerians pounced on a post by Nollywood’s Rita Edochie for backing Donald Trump while other Celebrities, who never appeared in the Nigerian political scene, used the social media to seek support for their preferred American candidates. And the question remains; why the interest?

The Nigerian international relations really seem undefined. Where did we keep the principles of reciprocity in international relations? To those who supported Joe Biden, now that he is projected to win, will he lend the country any fund on favourable terms.

Have those who campaigned for Donald Trump forgotten his action against Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on WTO? Do the pro-Biafra pro-Trump ones think he can go against the UN respect for territorial integrity principles and support Biafra?

Lets us go back to our home, let’s participate more in our domestic politics. The irregularities in the US elections have shown that they, too, are not angels.

Florence Anyakorah

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