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Why Igboho won’t be extradited by Benenise govt – Family source

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By Ojo Peter, Ibadan

Findings by Orient Daily newspaper has revealed that the Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho may not be extradited by the Benin Republic government, according to a competent family source.

The source said for diplomatic reasons, he has consequently been kept in a safe private apartment in Cotonou where he has unhindered access to his families, lawyers and friends. 

According to the source, unlike the case of outlawed IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu who is under a maximum security of the DSS, with access to only his lawyers and well screened individuals, because IPOB group has earlier been proscribed by Buhari (as a terrorist group), there are strong plots to ensure that Igboho is not brought back to the country.

The source said, “Part of his charges is terrorism. While Sunday’ offence is considered civil and political by Beninese government.”

As widely reported in some sections of the media that he was chained, the source revealed that there are no chains on Igboho’s legs.

The source maintained that the Beninese Government would not extradite Sunday Igboho.

According to the source; “The reason being that Beninese economy has gone sour under the current Nigerian government, and no thanks to Buhari’s Boarder closure.”

“The closure of the Nigerian/Benin Republic boarder is responsible for the grudge between the two African countries. Which is why Buhari’s government has not being proactive in the extradition process. He believes Benin Republic might not grant it, given his undiplomatic hand he extended towards Benin Republic”, the source alleged.

He added, “If you do well now, you would be bold to make request in future. One good turn deserves another.

Benin Republic’s body language shows that Sunday Igboho is their ally, since part of his agitations was to open Nigeria/Benin Republic boarder. Sunday Igboho has been speaking against Buhari for closing Southwest boarder alone and for leaving the northern boarders open. I watched the video of this statement credited to Sunday Igboho earlier this year”, the source further claimed.

“Chief Obasanjo occupies a large space in the heart of the Beninese government, for making policies that boosted the Beninese economy when he was Nigerian President. Obasanjo has not been comfortable with Sunday Igboho’s extradition attempt according to his body language. Chief Obasanjo is a Yoruba man, as well as Chief Sunday Igboho. Therefore, Sunday Igboho would not be released to Nigerian government without Obasanjo’s clear approval which some Yorubas believe would never happen. Obasanjo would remain silent on the issue. Silence connotes neutrality, no ‘yes’ and no ‘no’.

“Chief Obasanjo still contributes the 70% of Beninese overall economy, but Buhari’s economic policies had not favoured Benin Republic,” the source further revealed.

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