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The founder of Jehova Eye, salvation ministry Lagos, Prophet Godwin Ikuru has called up on Nigerians, especially the youths to rally around the All Progressive Congress presidential (APC) flag bearer, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the upcoming presidential election next year.

During a brief chat with newsmen in Lagos, Prophet Ikuru said that it doesn’t matter if it’s a Muslim/Muslim ticket as it’s not a criterion for selecting a good leader but someone with a good heart.

“Asiwaju is an egg that every Nigerian must protect, an egg that God has provided for every Nigerian. he is a leader, a man who have a clear conscience, feeling for people.

He said that he would bring down the Goliath that are fighting Nigeria and work fiercely to end economic crisis that’s currently facing Nigeria.

“when you talk about the economy, Asiwaju will work it out, when you talk about insecurity, Asiwaju will work it out.

“when you talk about jobs, Asiwaju will give youths job”.

He also said there’s oil on his head and that’s why Nigerians should give their maximum support to him because the future of new Nigeria is in the hands of Bola Tinubu.

Orientdaily reported that most Nigerians were against the same faith ticket nomination of APC especially the Christian community in every state in the country.

Orientdaily also gathered that the Christian Association of Nigeria declined a request from APC to attend the unveiling of Tinubu’s running mate, Shettima which prompted mixed feelings amongst Nigerians.

On the cusps of their absence during the unveiling ceremony, it was alleged that APC led group hired some people to act as Bishops since the Bishops they invited didn’t turn up.

Bishop Ikuru is of a different opinion on this matter as he strongly believes that Tinubu is the only qualified candidate to move Nigeria to the next level.

“You know Asiwaju Muslim/Muslim ticket is not against the will of God, it’s not against the will of the Christians, neither is it Against the will of any man.

“Nigeria, if you lose Aswanju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, it means the country is going to be difficult to be restored.

“Aswaju is the only mandate that will restore this country, no any other person. The youths should support Aswaju”.

He also said that Atiku and Peter Obi don’t have what it takes to unite Nigeria or restore its glory for that matter.

“Last Sunday, I said to my congregation that the country is not a country of Muslims or Christians; it’s a country of a man who has a good heart.

“Asiwaju is the only person who can bring this country into unity, favour and blessings.

“Youth of our country must support Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, don’t look at the story of people, don’t hear what people are saying.

“Here is what God have to say, unite your heart back to God. Asiwaju is the only hope, Peter Obi cannot, Atiku cannot watch and see as God unfold mystery all the time”.

Prophet Ikuru spoke about his previous prophecies which came to pass in Anambra and Osun gubernatorial elections.

“I was the one who gave prophesy concerning the governor of Anambra State; that Soludo is going to be the next governor.

“I was the same person who prophesied about the Osun state election; that I saw a boy who took a flower from the camp of APC and ran out while they pursue him but could not find the boy. I told APC to pray so that they’ll not lose what belongs to them in Osun state”.

He also said that he prophesied about the Philippines and Kenyan elections which abruptly came to pass not minding the candidate’s low profiles.

“I was the same prophet who prophesied about the Philippines president, president Marcus; that he’s going to be the next president of the Philippines. Even at that time, president Marcus of Filipino does not have what it takes for him to win.

“I was the same person who prophesied about William, the Kenyan new president. I was the same person that does not have what it takes for him to win but he wins it.
The people of Kenya do not love him but he won”.

Prophet Ikuru said that he was the person that foretold the COVID-19 pandemic, the arrest, and imprisonment of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu and Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

“I was the same person who prophesied about the COVID-19 pandemic that shook and swapped the world upside down up till now.

“I was the same person who prophesied about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest, the same prophet you’re talking about is the same prophet who prophesied Ike Ekweremadu’s arrest”.

He said that he was the one who prophesied about the former president of Nigeria’s second tenure bid failure

“I am the same person who prophesied that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s hands will not enter the machine, that is a sign for him that he would not return to office”.

Speaking further, he declared that numerous prophets prophesied that Buhari would die in the office due to his ailing health but he had a different view he told them that he would finish his tenure.

Speaking about English Royal family, he said he prophesied the demise of Queen Elizabeth and confusion that’ll ensue afterwards.

“I was the same person who prophesied about the death of Queen Elizabeth, I was the same person who prophesied the misunderstanding that would happen until the new King begins to have misunderstood, from the biro to misunderstandings in the Palace”.

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