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By Collins Nkwocha, Lagos

Many have wondered why a nation like Nigeria is suffering despite abundant mineral and natural resources. A country with very bright prospects after independence has suddenly become a shadow of herself with immense foreign debt insecurity, unemployment and economic instability has continued to trail the country that many envisaged would be the leading nation in Africa. The leading prophet in Africa, primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos has reiterated that Nigeria is under a curse.

Speaking to Orient Daily recently in Lagos, the cleric enunciated that Sir Abubarkar Tafawa Balewa cursed this nation before he died, he said: “Abubarkar Tafawa Balewa was killed in the first military coup in Nigeria, he was kidnapped and killed, God made me know that he cursed Nigeria before his death, that is why the nation is stagnated, there is need to pray and break that curse or else we will continue to swim In our problems”.

The cleric advised the Nigerian government not to allow any sort of increment in VAT to affect the telecommunication sector because it will not be good for the nation stating that it will have adverse effects on telecommunication companies and also affect the employment rate of the nation. He said “Nigerian government must be very careful so that they don’t use unnecessary taxation to cripple the telecommunication sector, I see Glo becoming the leading Telecom company in Nigeria, they wanted to sabotage Glo but it is not going to work because it is designed and destined to lead”

In his recent prophetic leading and directions he said that Ibrahim Gusau is the man that Nigeria needs to move our football to the next level, he said that he has what it takes to change the fortune of Nigerian football. He said that EFCC will embarrass a lot of politicians and governors in Nigeria, he said “very soon I see embarrassment for a lot of politicians and governors in Nigeria, it will be very serious”.

It is obvious that primate Ayodele is the most consistent prophet in Nigeria, not to mention Africa, he gives divine leading and directions as a servant of God. He will be releasing his latest prophecies in July, these prophecies will cover the second quarter of the year, he has over 10,000 fulfilled prophecies and has a book titled “warnings to the nations”

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