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Nigeria is like Ukraine that is at war – Archbishop Mustapha

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… But are not experiencing war

By Collins Nkwocha

The founder of Resurrection Praise ministries for Africa, Archbishop Benjamin Samson Mustapha has officially removed the Ukrainian and Nigerian which he planted since the war started in Ukraine, he did that officially today as he was instructed by God.

Speaking to newsmen at the Headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, the cleric said “God instructed me to plant the Ukrainian flag because of the war and bloodshed in the country due to the war with Russia, a lot of souls have been lost thousands have been displaced, God told Me to plant their flag in the “holy of holies” and pray for them”.

He said that God also asked him to plant the Nigerian flag alongside the Ukrainian flag.

“God also told me to plant the Nigerian flag alongside the Ukrainian flag, he told me to pray for Nigeria regarding the insecurity in the country.

Nigeria is not experiencing official war like Ukraine but the souls that are dying on daily basis in the country are like we are in a war like Ukraine, that is why God asked me to plant the Nigerian flag and pray for the country”.

He said that Nigeria is blessed with abundance but bad leadership has put the nation in a precarious situation, he said that we are now in the era of God, where God will decide what happens in the country.

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