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Let’s stop fighting ourselves – Umahi pleads

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Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state, and the chairman of the Southeast Governor’s Forum Saturday urged the people of the southeast to stop killing each other in the name of agitation for fair governance from the federal government.

Umahi spoke at the Christian Ecumenical Centre, Abakaliki, during the grand finale of the seven days of fasting and prayer declared by the state government over the incessant killings in the country and the communal crisis in the state.

The governor said that the current killing of security agents in the southeast was the handiwork of some suspected hoodlums from the southeast and expressed dismay that the victims of the activities were also south easterners.

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He appealed to the people to show love to each other and stop the killings in the southeast.

According to the governor, no herdsman in the entire Southeast will attempt to kill anybody again therefore we should stop the killing and allow development to in Igboland

“Why are we killing security agencies? Why are we burning police stations? And we said that it is being perpetrated from outside. It’s not true. Our people are the people burning the police stations. They are the people killing the security agents, snatching their guns, doing armed robbery, and cultism.

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“We have got to work on ourselves. It is time for the Igbos to rise. We are the only region that is at war with ourselves. It is no longer the agitation.”

“No herdsman in the entire Southeast will attempt to kill anybody again. Every herdsman coming to the Southeast must conform to the culture of the people. Our people everywhere, in South-South, South-West, and the North must conform to the culture of the people. 

“Some herdsmen threatened that they will come and do this and do that, but I said that the last killing is the killing that an Ebonyian will be killed. This madness in this country must come to a stop.

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“I see videos of Boko Haram ravaging states in the North, unchecked; where are our air fighting powers? We must not be ashamed to borrow fighter jets from other African countries. 

“No nation ever allowed this kind of thing to be happening. And that’s why I said to our people, ‘let’s stop fighting ourselves’; peradventure people want to venture into South-East, we will put ourselves together to put up a formidable fight. This nonsense must stop.

“You know, when they were shouting all over the nation, “change the service chiefs, change the service chiefs”, and I said, well, the service chiefs were not the problem; every one of us is the problem.

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“There is no patriotism. Some people, the opposition party, are pretending and they are advising the federal government; but they are already canvassing for the 2023 general elections. It’s a shame.”

By Ruth Oginyi

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