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Jihadists killed 43, 000 Nigerian Christians In 12 Years- Rights Group

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Another 18,500  Missing, 17,500 Churches Attacked

By Phil Okose, Onitsha

A human rights organization,  International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law, Intersociety, yesterday disclosed that the total number of ‘direct’ Christian deaths in Nigeria since July 2009 to July 2021; a period of twelve years, is independently put at no fewer than 43,000.

According to the group, the figure arises from the total jihadists killings of not less than 72,000 defenseless citizens.

Dropping the hint in Onitsha, the Chairman of the group, Nze Emeka Umeagbalasi informed that, the killings emanated from the propagation of radical Islamism in Nigeria or any part thereof.

According to him, “Jihadists killed 43,000 Christians in 12 years, 18,500 disappeared and 17,000 churches were attacked”

He said the total number of moderate Muslims killed by Jihadists in the same past twelve years was independently put at 29,000 and that of the number, 20 per cent or over 8,600 deaths were members of the Church of Brethren in Nigeria or EYN.

“The 43,000 Christian deaths occurred following systematic and coordinated attacks majorly targeted at Christians by radical Islamists or Islamic Jihadists and their collaborators (‘esprit de
Jihad’) in the Nigerian security forces.”

“The Nigerian Jihadists also sparsely and collaterally target moderate Muslims as collateral mistakes or punishments of those collaborating with the ‘unbelievers’ or in revenge for State-actor attacks against their targets, or for purposes of enforcement of Islamic Sharia law or code. Independently speaking, too, the Islamic Jihadists and their ‘esprit de jihad’ in the Nigerian security forces have been responsible for at least 18,500 Christian deaths arising from enforced disappearances, or those abducted and most unlikely to return alive.

“The 18,500 jihadist captivity slain Christians are out of estimated 26,000 of such deaths since 2009, put by a UN Agency in 2019 at “22,500” generally”, he stated.

He added that the total number of defenseless Nigerians abducted by the Jihadists since 2009 was put at 36,000, out of which 18,500 were Christians who were most unlikely to return alive.

According to Umeagbalasi, “no fewer than 3,462 Christians were hacked to death by Islamic
Jihadists and their collaborators in the Nigerian security forces’ and that 3, 000 Christians were also abducted, 300 churches attacked and ten priests abducted or killed.”

Orient Daily recalls that hundreds of School children who are Christians have been kidnapped in their Schools for ransoms in Nigeria’s North West State of Kaduna, forcing many Schools to close down amidst seemingly helplessness and inability of the State actors to save the situation.

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