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Invest in intelligence gathering to end insecurity in Nigeria – Pastor Schugger

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By Collins Nkwocha

The founder of Grace Revolution international Ministry, Lagos pastor Schugger Ezenwa Onyeukwu PhD has implored the Nigerian government to pay more attention to intelligence gathering if it truly wishes to bring insecurity to an end.

Speaking during a press briefing at the Headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, the clergy decried the hunger, suffering and poor economic condition of the Nigerian nation, yet marred with the insecurity of lives and properties. He said, “it is intensely excruciating to know that Nigerians are in their worst state ever, there is hunger, serious hunger and abject poverty yet, lives and properties are not still secured, this government has failed”.

It’s very explicit that insecurity has taken a new dimension in Nigeria, attacks are recorded almost every day in one area or another with very minimal response from our security operatives. He said, “it is not that Nigeria does not have the ammunition or manpower to fight insecurity, the problem is that they have failed in their intelligence reports and gatherings, look at the way America carried out a perfect intelligence report on Osama Bin Laden until they finally killed him, they would never have gotten him if not for intelligence reports and gatherings, the Nigerian government need to emulate this if they genuinely wish to end insecurity in Nigeria”.

He said that terrorists and bandits equally carry out this report before they execute a deadly assignment. He said “if the government want to end all these messes in this country, they should plant some people to join the bandits, terrorists and other groups that are troubling the nation, this will enable them to act with precision” he stressed.

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