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Igboho being tried for alleged crime in Benin, extradition not necessary -Source

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Ojo Peter, Ibadan 

There seems to be more troubles for Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, known as Sunday Igboho, as indication has emerged that he is now to be prosecuted for wanting to commit crime in Benin Republic and will not be extradited to Nigeria. 

Igboho who was remanded in custody on Monday July 26, 2021 after his presentation to the Cotonou court, we gathered, is now being prosecuted for wanting to commit offenses in Benin and not in Nigeria, according to a judiciary source.

The Beninese source stated that Sunday lgboho would not be extradited to Nigeria for the time being.

“The Cotonou prosecutor’s office decided on Monday July 26, 2021 to place him in pre-trial detention for “criminal associations preparing to commit crimes in Benin.” 

According to information obtained by the source, the activist’s hearing, which began in the afternoon, ended late at night around 12 a.m.

The Beninese judge in charge of the case then decided to place him in pre-

trial detention.

Sunday Igboho, however, was allowed to see doctors for his treatment. 

At least five lawyers, including Beninese and Nigerians, have defended Sunday Igboho.

This is his second appearance before the Cotonou court after a first referral on Friday, July 23, 2021 before the Cotonou criminal brigade. 

The activist was wanted by Nigeria on three counts of “trafficking in arms, endangering state security and calling for insurgency.”

Wanted by his country for his agitation in favour of the creation of a Yoruba state in southwestern Nigeria, Sunday Igboho was arrested with his wife in the evening of Monday July 19 at the Cotonou airport while he was trying to travel to Germany.

 His wife was finally released after his presentation in court.

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