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I see serious political tension in America, expect drama in 2023 election – primate Ayodele

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By Collins Nkwocha

The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has cautioned against intense political uncertainty in the United States in the nearest future, it will be so serious that other nations of the world will interfere to meditate.

This was revealed through an interview with Orient daily in which he believes that Republicans will have more seats in their house of Representatives while Democrats will lose their strongholds and Nancy Pelosi will lose her seat. primate Ayodele is the only prophet now in Nigeria, in Africa and in the world that is so powerful and that can see events before it unfolds.

Apart from Nostadamos who speaks across the globe; education, economy, financial issues, politics, sports, climatic problems etc. He’s the only prophet who makes/see that Joe Biden will win the American election which many people did not believe will happen as Trump loses out on his second term bid. Nevertheless, it was only prophet Ayodele who prophesied about the Ukraine and Russia crisis and he’s the one who said America, Taiwan, and China will have issues.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, he said it would in 2019 and that it would come from China and apart from this, he’s the one who said that Nigeria will not qualify World Cup and not to talk about even winning the nations Cup. He also predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth.

He also said that Ritchie will win UK prime minister and later said in August that it won’t be Ritchie but she will still win later she won and resigned.

All of these have happened. Before now, Ayodele has warned Tinubu not to contest for the 2023 presidency and if the current living conditions do not improve, APC will not win. He also said that a lot of drama is going to happen in this election and he also said that he would analyse and tell the world what the three of them stand for.

It can be recalled that primate Elijah Ayodele came to the limelight in the 90s as a result of some magnificent and incredible prophecies. He prophesied the death of the late Kudirat Abiola, many doubted it, but it happened. He prophesied the death of one of the greatest dictators in Nigeria, the late Sani Abacha. He was dreaded like a plague and was extremely brutal, nobody expected his sudden demise, it was this great prophet of the highest God that saw it coming and told the world, nobody believed him until once, the news emanated that the cruel dictator was dead.

These stunning prophecies made people respect and acknowledge him as a true prophet and he has been able to maintain that level to date.

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