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I see a new, deadlier terrorist group in Africa -Primate Ayodele

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By Collins Nkwocha

Primate Elijah Ayodele is one prophet that has distinguished himself, he has made himself very relevant in the world of prophecy.

He has several fulfilled international prophecies, he prophesied that William Ruto of Kenya will emerge victorious in the presidential election and it happened.

Even though the outgoing president never wanted to see him succeed him.

Primate Ayodele also prophesied and guided the Angola president to retain his seat; as the Oracle and mouthpiece of God, he warned the president of Ivory Coast, Guinea and Cameroon to be very careful and watchful of their health because he sees them having grave health Challenges.

Primate Ayodele has also warned the president of the Republic of Benin of some impending political challenges he will face, he advised him to release political detainees or else it will affect him and make his party loss majority seat in the parliamentary election.He also warned him to be careful with the way he handles important issues so that his people will not revolt against him.

The foremost prophet has also beckoned on ECOWAS and AU to be watchful concerning inflation and insecurity in Africa, he prophesied that inflation will bite very hard in Africa.

He also prophesied that terrorism will be very high in Africa as a deadly and very sophisticated group will emanate from Burundi to Mali,Togo,Chad,Republic of Benin and Nigeria, they will come together to unleash brutality and deadly attacks in Africa, he advised African leaders to put things in order and get ready to combat them because their attacks will be suicidal.

The cleric urged for prayer against the death of any… president in Africa, he also called for prayers against coup in Africa .He said that there will be problems in Sudan,their will be major crisis that make the international community to get involved. He also said that the two years extension in South Sudan will face challenges because the opposition will feel threatened and the president will be betrayed but a Coup attempt will be averted .He also prophesied that he sees change of government in Africa and the world .

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