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How primate Ayodele’s prophecy on Ukraine has fascinated global attention

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By Collins Nkwocha.

When the war in Ukraine started, the entire world thought that the end of the country called Ukraine has come, Russia being one of the most dreaded nations of the world considering their feud and power tussle with America.

The entire world believed that within the next 48 hours of the war, Ukraine will be completely discomfited and annihilated.

One man that saw a different picture of the war considering his high level in the spiritual realm was primate Elijah Ayodele of the Inri Evangelical spiritual church.When everyone including America was waiting to see the end of the country called Ukraine because of the speed and the progress Russia earned initially when the war started.

According to a publication in orient newspaper on the 2nd of May, 2022, the number one prophet in the world prophesied that Ukraine will win the war, it sounded bizarre to the entire world because Russia had almost annihilated Ukraine when he made this prophecy, today the entire world is amazed at the recent success of Ukraine and this has made world leaders including the Ukrainian president acknowledge that primate Ayodele is truly a global prophet whose prophecies must be taken seriously.

Ukraine fought back tirelessly to reclaim Kherson from the Russians, but a revamp Russian military is engaging the Ukrainian Armed Forces to reclaim Kherson. I want to tell you emphatically that the Russian invaders have retreated 15-20km in Kherson now, with this success, the Ukrainians are very optimistic that they will eventually win this war as Primate Ayodele has prophesied.

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