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How kidnapped 4-year old girl miraculously returned after 7 months

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By Praise Necherem

How little Mercy Nwadiukwu, a four-year-old girl abducted from her school in Awka, Anambra State capital on November 13, 2019 and presumed dead, eventually returned to her family after seven months remains a mystery.

According to Mrs Comfort Nwadiukwu, Mercy’s mother, the mysterious disappearance of her daughter threw the family into turmoil and forced them to spend well over N200,000 in many prayer houses in search of spiritual solution for her rescue, but her return had strengthened her faith and belief in God.

The mother of five told this paper that all her relations and friends had concluded that her daughter had been used for bloody rituals. Those who were tempted to believe she was still alive, said the possibility of her returning again was quite slim. But she kept faith in God and intensified prayers and fasting, which in the end paid off.

“Amidst all these, I refused to be discouraged, nor give up. I challenged God that if my daughter was to die, it would have been during her pregnancy when I took the drugs not meant for a pregnant woman. Besides, I didn’t get her from the herbalists. But since He allowed her to survive, that meant she has something great for my family. My child can’t be sold like that, more so from Ebonyi state.” She recalled her prayer mantra that sustained her daughter during the period she was missing.

The 42-year old woman also recalled the dramatic prophesy that preceded the kidnap of her daughter and how the family reacted to the incident that almost shattered their lives.

“Precisely on November 13, 2019, my daughter had left for school in the morning as usual. It was exam period. I was in my shop where I sell yams when a woman on evangelism came to my shop and told me that I was about to lose something precious. She added that I should use the money I intended to restock to sacrifice to God. Little did I know it was a prophesy about to happen few hours later.

“It was time for my children to return from school. Others came back except Mercy. My first daughter, who normally comes back with her, came back, saying she thought she was already back. I started making calls. Nobody, including the teachers, accepted they knew her whereabouts. Some said she must have followed one of the aunties. It was like joke.

“I quickly rushed to the police station and reported the matter. They sent signals to all their stations across the state. I also gave out the announcement to radio stations in the state, as well as town criers, with some of them collecting money.

“I also sent prayers to all prayer houses. There was no church in Awka that was not praying for my daughter. Some also collected money. I spent over N200,000 in some of the prayer houses. One of them collected as much as N84,000. My husband counted money, with Mercy’s pictures and gave him. The following day, we came, he said he saw the girl in the hands of one Alhaji with other 32 children. That was how that one ended.

“Another man prophesied that it was not long my daughter was abducted that she was taken out of the state to Enugu. He later said she was in the hands of ritual killers. One even requested for N180,000 which I refused to pay. Because of this same child, I had to embark on a one-week fasting and prayer without water. Immediately after that exercise, however, God started revealing to me that my daughter was still alive. This was happening before Easter. For me, that was enough boost and encouragement.

“Later, my husband and I decided to take the baby’s clothes and shoes to the altar of our church where she was dedicated at birth. We made some prayers there, asking God to locate our child for us. Meanwhile, we started receiving another revelation of where I was killed, with the poster of my obituary. My husband had to embark on a 21-day fast, during which he saw himself bathing the child with the blood of Jesus.”

Mrs Nwadiukwu equally disclosed that the return of her daughter was equally as mysterious as it was miraculous. “It was on a Sunday morning, when one of our church members was on his way to church with his family, when one of his daughters sighted from the car a little girl walking along the road with a woman. She quickly called the attention of the dad to the girl and shouted: “Is that not Mercy, Daddy?”

“The father suddenly stopped, alighted from the car and approached the woman, requesting to know how she got the child. Though the woman claimed to have adopted the baby, but the man insisted she should join them in the car to the police station for further inquiries. They first drove to the church to inform me of the development before we later drove to the police station.

On how she reacted when she received the news she had waited and prayed fervently for seven months concerning her daughter, Nwadiukwu replied: “I fainted!”

She recalled the dramatic moment: “That Sunday morning, I had gone to sweep the church early in the morning because I couldn’t go the previous day. I was there when one of our members drove to the church with his family. He was yet to park the car when I saw the kids beckoning on me to come. They quickly jumped down from the car with my daughter and started shouting, “Is this not Mercy your child?” But immediately I sighted her, I fainted. I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw.

“And that was because it was not up to a month after the incident happened when rumours started spreading that my daughter had been found. I went to the school where she was kidnapped and requested that they produce my daughter, but they rather mocked me.

She described the coincidences that led to the sighting of her daughter by her church member as mystery that can only be made possible through divine intervention. “How God catapulted the woman who claimed to have adopted my daughter from Ogidi area of the state where she earlier resided to Okpuno, Awka which was closer to us remained still a mystery to me.

“Besides, as I had sleepless nights over the condition of my daughter, particularly in view of the fact it was during exams, little did I know that she was adequately being taken care of. She was enrolled in a special school where her academics was taken care of. It can only be God,” she said with tears of joy in her eyes.

Nwadiukwu pledged to hand over the girl to God by ensuring she served him all the rest of her life. She also disclosed her plans to withdraw her from the former school to a better school where she would receive quality education, stressing that events from her conception to birth shows that she was a special baby.

“When I was pregnant with Mercy, I didn’t know because we had concluded on the four we had. I had mistaken it for an infection and had to consume two bottles of Goko cleanser, a drug that would have washed away the pregnancy. That was the same child the devil wanted to snatch from me,” she said.

Meanwhile, Orient Weekend gathered that the unidentified woman, a retired teacher who has been married for years without a child, confessed that she adopted the child in November 2019 from a motherless babies home in Nnewi after she was convinced that the child’s mother sold her to the home with the excuse that she has several of them to cater for.  She was said to have made part payment of N2million and was issued documents by the home before taking delivery of the child as her legally adopted child. She denied any involvement in the alleged theft and sale of the child.

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