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How Apostle Weeks allegedly caused Akwa-Ibom Church collapse – Contractor

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Mr. Idorenyin Daniel Udo of Whitesteel Integrated Services, the contractor that fabricated and installed roof of the collapsed church building in Akwa-Ibom State has told the Commission of Inquiry how Apostle Akan Weeks, the founder of Reigners Bible Church, caused the incident.

He insited that Weeks did not make complete payment of N26 million for the roofing project to him as he claimed.

During his cross-examination, Mr. Udo said instead of N26 million, Weeks paid him N20,250,000 as at the time of the collapse.

The Nation report that Udo revealed how Weeks pressurized him from 2nd December 2016 to remove the scaffold that supported the weight of the roof, but he refused.

He disclosed that Weeks then threatened to arrest him and his workers should he fail to comply.

Udo said following his refusal, one Engr. Essiet, who is one of the members of church building committee, called scaffolders elsewhere on Thursday 8th December 2016 to come for the removal of the scaffold.

On the claim that he ordered the scaffold to be removed, Udo said he could not in any way give such approval.

“I did not give anybody approval to remove any of the materials used during the installation of the roof.

“Scaffold can only be removed when the roof is completely set.

“I advised Apostle Weeks to allow the scaffold to remain since roofing was not completed.

“I only removed two of the seven derricks used during roof installation, and not the scaffold.

“Derrick is equipment that is used to move materials from one place to another.”

Udo recalled that on Friday 9th December, he had noticed a crack at the right side of the octagonal church building by the second beam which he drew the attention of the site supervisor, Anietie Ndarake, who Weeks introduced to him as the church architect.

“I called the attention of the site supervisor, Anietie Ndarake, and he said that after the programme on Saturday, the concrete would be reinforced”, he added.

Udo suggested that the crack might have contributed to the collapse of the building on Saturday 10th December, 2016.


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