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Group urges FG to convene security summit over insecurity challenges

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By Yolamchi Ukaga, Aba

Easylife Initiative for Rural Youths, a human rights group, has urged the federal government to as a matter of urgency convene “national security summit, to design new security architecture that would bring peace in Nigeria.

The group faulted the plan of the federal government to engage volunteers in the proposed community policing service.

Mr. Uche Udensi Emeku, secretary general of the group, while addressing newsmen in Aba, urged the federal government to stop treating the level of insecurity in the country with kid gloves.

The federal government, last month, directed the police hierarchy to commence the recruitment of special constables, nationwide in preparedness for the implementation of the proposed community policing policy, of which reports emerged on Monday that those to be engaged will not be paid salary.

Emeku, suggested that the executive arm of government should deploy its security vote to pay the salaries of the personnel of the community policy service. “I don’t think this our government is interested in security. I’m sure they don’t know the implications of toying with security with the kind of community policing they’re proposing.

“Nobody in his right senses will feel secured to invest in this kind of environment. How can you recruit volunteers on issue of security? Who will they be responsible to? Who will order them or command them to be alive to their duties?

“Can you even instruct someone you’re not paying? What can you tell a hungry man? They’re saying that those they’ll recruit must be gainfully employed elsewhere. And you begin to ask, what time will they now have to do the policing?

“This government is placing the security of lives and properties of Nigeriams last in their scale of preference. They’re treating insecurity with kid gloves and they’re indirectly promoting insecurity”, he said.

Emeku observed that the plan to use Nigerians, who are gainfully employed for the community policing project will be a venture in futility, as nobody will abandon a job that is paying his bills for the one that does not pay and places his life on it.

“I think the Federal Government is calling for anarchy and chaos in the system. Are they going to use uniform, will they bear arms, even if it’s catapult? If no or yes, there are issues to tackle.

“I will not encourage any person to be a part of this devious and convoluted idea of community policing. I guess that some persons are trying to bring in Boko Haram and killer herdsmen through the backdoor. I’m sensing an atom of expansionist motive here.”

He said that there should be a National Security Summit where every geopolitical zone in Nigeria will air their views on how to end the security loopholes in Nigeria. “I think the Government is lacking ideas. For me, I urge them to organize a security summit, where people from all the geopolitical zones will decide what we’ll do to tackle insecurity. There’s nothing bad to discuss.

He commnded  Governors of the South-West for taking a bold step in setting up “Amotekun”.

“Their move is absolutely supported by us, but we still believe that we need a National Security Summit, where an agreement will be reached and forwarded to the National Assembly, as laws to define the roles of security operatives, such as Operation Amotekun.

“If we fail to define such, there will be clash between them and agencies, like police and army. They too may at a point deviate and start entertaining issues, like debt recovery, land dispute, family disagreement and husband and wife matter”, he stated.

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