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FG, Catholic Church, want to silence me – Mbaka

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Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has accused the federal government and the Catholic Church authorities of plotting to silence him permanently.

He made the allegation as he resumed his Adoration Ministry on Sunday, after serving a 30-day ban.

As he mounted the podium, he told his members that the Department of State Services, DSS, had invited him to Abuja for questioning.

The fiery priest, who defied order from Bishop Calistus Onaga of the Enugu Catholic Diocese not to get involved in political matters again, said nobody would cow him.

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As part of conditions for him to re-open the Adoration, the Ministry was changed to a Chaplaincy, with a caution that he should stay away from politics.

But as Mbaka mounted the pulpit, he again lambasted the present government and the Church authorities warning that they would all regret their actions.

“Who is beaten and told not to cry”, he said in Igbo language as he took on the government, amid a veiled reference to Bishop Onaga.

He said, “The body and blood of Jesus is the solution to what you are passing through; it is the supernatural solution to what Nigeria is passing through; in a time like this when the youths are passing through the corridors of unemployment, when the youths are crying, when there is banditry, when a lot of terrorist activities are going on, we need the power of the Holy Ghost for holistic solution.

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“What are we talking about? In a time like this when the whole country men cannot find a solution in the government, people will find a solution in the body and blood of Jesus Christ. 

“Did they tell me to shut up and start saying that the country is good? The country is not good. God will fight for this country. The country is not well. Woe betide a prophet of God who will be silent in time of evil; that person is not a prophet. No matter the threat, no matter the attack, a prophet is a prophet at all times,” he declared. 

Apparently condemning the role of his bishop, he said a retired Bishop Eneja of the Diocese “will not be happy wherever he is hearing that Fr. Mbaka is dumb in a time like this.

“What will be will be. It is a matter of time. Adoration Ministry is a prophetic ministry. 

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“Was it not on Wednesday that I came back to my house after 30 days? I came back on Wednesday. I celebrated mass with some of the leaders of the ministry. By Thursday morning, I got a call from where I was that DSS people from Abuja came to the gate; and they came with a letter of invitation to Abuja, over what? Listen. 

“What I cannot understand is that the mother Church in Nigeria should be cowed down to a level of Lilliputian, all these are attempts to dumbfound the priest of God, all the priests could be dumbfounded but no prophet could be dumbfounded. It is our duty to protect the sheep in this time when there is killing everywhere, bloodshed everywhere, hunger everywhere.

“Anybody by any means who will stop people from worshipping here will regret it. We must discern when God is working and when the devil is working. Those who are inviting me to Abuja and elsewhere don’t understand history. This is the same Fr. Mbaka that spoke against Abacha and Co. This is the same Fr. Mbaka, under (Bishop) Eneja, who went to Minna and spoke to Babangida face to face about what was wrong with his government. This is the same Fr. Mbaka, under Bishop Gbuji, who went to Obasanjo in Aso Rock, face to face and spoke to him. I perform under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I don’t do anything to get money but save souls. Under Bishop Gbuji, I ministered to the late (President Umaru Musa) Yar’Adua.

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“If they are attacking me here and there, even from those who should save me, ‘no wahala.’ I heard the security man did not receive the letter. He could have received it. He told them that ‘Fr. is coming on Sunday to celebrate mass;’ that they can come (on Sunday) to give him the letter. If they know that the anointing flowing from this ground is too hot for them, let them change. 

“If you are the one sent to cow Fr. Mbaka down, it is a stupid assignment because you cannot achieve it. Those who are dreaming that Fr. Mbaka will soon be quiet, you are wasting your time.”

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