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CAN expresses worry over incessant clergies’ abductions

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By Joseph Kingston, Calabar


The recent abduction of another Catholic priest in Enugu, Malachy Asadyu, last week, has attracted the anger of the former chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Cross River State and president of the Calabar-based Intercessors Bible Mission (IBM), Archibishop Archibong Archibong, who, Sunday, warned that any man, who kidnaps a clergy has already destroyed his own life. Archibishop Archibong spoke with our reporter shortly after the 2019 Daddy Showers and December Open Heaven programme, which took place at the headquarters of his Church in Calabar. He said, “Kidnapping is a terrible crime and for perpetrators to kidnap clergymen is a sign of indescribable evil, which must not be allowed to fester,” he said. He added that “When you kidnap a man of God, you have destroyed your life. If the man is a genuine man of God, I tell you, God will rise up and fight. As a father, there is no way you harass any of my sons that I will not declare war on you. “Scripture says ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.’ Let them also know that any ransom collected from any kidnapped man of God is dangerous money, which would destroy perpetrators of this heinous crime. I must also advice men of God to stop flaunting affluence. This could attract unwarranted attention and even kidnappers
and robbers. “If you, as a man of God, have much money, please, utilise that money in a way that it will impact on the people directly. You could invest in evangelism, open schools and other ventures, which could build lives. Ministers of God should stop living flashy and extravagant lifestyle.” The clergy man also called on the federal government to do everything within its powers to stop crimes like kidnapping, armed robbery and incessant bloodletting in the country. He advised that Christians across all denomination should increase the tempo of their prayers so as to bring to an end the “indescribable evil,” adding that prayers have capacity to change things.

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