Expert calls for caution, extols govt on steps on Covid-19 containment

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By Ezeike Obele, Nnewi

A medical guru, Prof. Obi Nwosu, has commended the efforts of the federal and state governments for the steps taken to contain the killer disease called Coronavirus or Covid-19. 

Prof. Obi Nwosu, who is a Professor of Gynecology and of Clinical Obstetrics, gave the commendations in Nnewi, Tuesday, in an interview with Orient Daily, calling on Nigerians to follow every instruction given by the government so as to stay alive.

Answering a question on the measures so far taken by the federal government, the Professor of Gynecology and Clinical Obstetrics advised Nigerians to ensure proper and 24 hour maintenance of personal hygiene and neatness.

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According to the professor of Gynecology and clinical obstetrics, the killer disease is such that cannot be prevented through immunisation, but can be checkmated by isolation or bridging the contact. 

According to the expert, the principle of universal protection is the use of antiseptic to fight the scourge, adding that the most effective method of preventing the disease is proper maintenance of personal hygiene.

He disclosed that another way of preventing further spread was avoidance of crowded areas or large gatherings.

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