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Every terrorist group in the world has representatives in Nigeria – Archbishop Mustapha

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By Collins Nkwocha

The founder of Resurrection Praise Ministries For Africa, Archbishop Benjamin Samson Mustapha, Jehovah Sharp sharp, has officially removed the Ukrainian and the Nigerian flags he planted according to divine leading.

Speaking to newsmen during the official removal of the flags he lamented and decried the fact that Nigeria is experiencing so much bloodshed without any official war.

He said that he has been praying for Ukraine because of the ongoing war which has taken a lot of souls and displaced many, and for Nigeria because of the high rate of insecurity in the country, he said: “Our beloved nation has become the best place for terrorists because our government decided to pamper them, the government went ahead to negotiate with terrorists, pay them ransom and enrich them, terrorism and banditry became a lucrative venture in Nigeria, that is why every terrorist group in the world has representatives in Nigeria, what a shame”.

He ahead to say that removing the flags from the “holy of holies” a place where he goes to have a solitary period with God does not me that he has stopped praying, he said, “the holy of Holy is a place where I come to pray and spend solitary time with the Almighty God, just as people go to the prayer camps or the mountains to pray, I go to the holy of Holy’s to have my spiritual confinement, taking away the flags from the holy ground does not mean that I have stopped interceding for the nations, God just instructed me to do so”.

He sympathised with U. K for the demise of the Queen who was very instrumental in the formation of Nigeria, “the Queen was very instrumental in the formation of this country, now that the Queen is gone will this have any effect on the existence of the country called Nigeria? Time will make us realise this”.

He lamented that Nigeria is so full of vices that the Green passport has been the most hated document in the world. A country which was financially very buoyant with numerous mineral resources is now in a debt of about $98b.

He said, “people despise you when you present the Nigerian passport, the Nigerian passport has been the most hated document in the world, our unscrupulous leaders have mortgaged the future of Nigerians, only God can save this nation”.

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