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CAN urges presidency to run Nigeria as secular, not religious state

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The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN Anambra state chapter chairman, Venerable Joseph Nweke, has advised the leadership of Nigeria to administer the country as a secular state and not as a religious state where majority of the leaders occupying major positions belong to a particular religious group.

The Anambra CAN boss maintained that Nigeria was made up of Christians, Moslems and custodians of African traditional religion, saying that the security, economy, development of Nigeria and Nigerians was a collective responsibility.

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He made the call recently while addressing newsmen during the Onitsha Inland Town Archdeaconry Men’s Conference at Immanuel Anglican Church, Onitsha.

“Things are falling apart. How can the centre hold when one section of religion is at the helm of affairs? Others are not shown a sense of belonging; they are not given equal opportunity to contribute to the administration of the country.

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“Leadership has failed due to many factors. Government is failing in every aspect of their duties. They grab power and abuse it. In Nigeria where our president promised us to fight insecurity; he came in, dropped that manifesto and became nepotic. How can Fulani alone fight insecurity. They said it is a collective responsibility but they make it tribal. Look at our security and also the social sector. What of the legal affairs where Malami is comparing invasion, destruction of farmlands, lives and property by killer herdsmen with sale of auto spare parts.

“People canvassing leadership positions should know what their responsibility and duties are and strive to fulfil good manifestoes without religious or tribal sentiments,” said Nweke.

By Chukwudum Ebele

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