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Build Your Home, Help The Society, Women Tasked At 2022 Deeper Love Convention

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By Lawrence Nwimo, Awka

The 2022 women’s convention of the Deeper Love Assembly International has ended with a call for women to be key players in their matrimonial homes.

Women were urged to be home builders as well as helpers to their spouses instead of allowing husbands to carry excess responsibilities which are capable of stifling peace and harmony in the family.

At the 3-days conference held in Awka, the Anambra state capital, Dame Ify Nebo, a guest speaker and wife of former Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, tasked the women to be home builders and ambassadors of Christ in their matrimonial homes.

“God brought us the women to be home builders. We must know that our first name is ‘helper’. If the man is the head, we the women are the neck. So, our number one job is to help our husbands, no matter what we have out there. If we fail at home, we have failed everywhere.

“Marriage comes from the Lord and He is the only one that shows us how to go about it. If you want to do it by the things of the flesh, you will fail, but if you place God first and believe in his words, he would give us the wisdom on how to carry along.”

On why the ministry organized the convention for women, Pastor Joseph Nwabueze of the Deeper Love Assembly explained that women are the engine room of society. “It is what the women churn out that we see in the society, what a man does is to provide.”

The pastor also said the program was to equip the women with the right ideas to offer substantial support to their families. “If a woman is empty, she would not have what to give to her husband and society or what will contribute to family and societal growth. All the challenges we are facing in society today are because some women do not have the wherewithal to manage their homes.

“It is women that transform the home and society. If women are right, the home will be right and if the home is right, society in turn will be right. So, if we neglect to empower and enlighten our women, society will be in trouble.”

The pastor who spoke to this reporter noted that marriage is the most important union that ever exists between two people in life but decried that many people look at age as the qualification for marriage instead of undergoing the necessary training and education to prepare themselves for the marital journey.

He advised the participants not to misrepresent Christ by attitude, but to model and project the word of God in all their dealings and life interactions.

He also charged the single ladies to stop looking at material things when searching for husbands, and consider men with vision and purpose as they are the likely ones who may value their input as partners.

In an interview, Pastor (Mrs) Chiazor Nwachukwu noted that the convention began Thursday with prayers, gospel messages, and couples dinner before rounding off with the Sunday service.

She said the theme, ‘The Power of A Praying Woman’ was chosen for the conference because many women have lost having a quiet time with God and calling for God’s intervention during challenging times in their homes.

She said many marriages have fallen apart because of a lack of understanding between couples, but posited that the women who participated in the program were enriched with new ideas on how to manage their homes prayerfully and mentally.

High points of the Service were praises, Thanksgiving, counseling, and prayers for the single and married, respectively.

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