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Buhari’s nepotism dividing Nigeria – Cleric

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 By Segun Ayinde, Abeokuta 

The General Overseer of Kingdom Stars International Church, Pastor Felix Peter, yesterday reacted to the call for secession by some sections of the country, maintaining that President Muhammadu Buhari’s nepotism should be blamed for the divisive calls.

The clergy who lamented that Nigeria had never been divided as it is under Buhari’s administration since independence, said that the President’s act s of nepotism and tribalism had resulted to the recent calls for secession in the country by various groups.

 The cleric, who accused Buhari of not dealing with killer herdsmen and Boko Haram according to the constitution of the country, despite their killings, maiming and kidnappings, said that his nonchalant attitude towards the insecurity of the nation had led to the call for secession by some groups.

 He added that the call for Oodua Nation by Popularly Yoruba Activist, Sunday Igboho and Biafra Nation by Nnamdi Kanu wouldn’t have become real if the President had addressed the issues of the nation without tribalism or nepotism.

 Peter, who spoke in an exclusive interview with Orient Correspondent in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, said that until Buhari arrest and prosecute killer herdsmen and Boko haram and also embrace other tribes in his cabinet, the call for secession might continue.

 He urged Buhari to stop behaving as the President of the North as this is dividing the nation, since it was not only the region that voted for him, saying that all tribes must be involved in proffering solutions to the challenges of insecurity plaguing the country.

 The Pastor, who recounted that the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan said that the President should emulate their governments which was devoid of tribalism and nepotism and therefore tasked Buhari to address the issue of insecurity urgently by arresting and prosecuting members of Boko haram and killer herdsmen.

 Said he, “In fact, Buhari’s tribalism is bringing division in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, look at his recent pronouncement about these herdsmen still moving about to feed their cows in the 21st century to be given grazing routes, there is going to be a lot of problem if this issue is not well managed the government has so much bitten than they can chew, the Boko Haram is there, the IPOB is there, the Oodua Nation is there.

 “All the while when the herdsmen have been killing, maiming, raping, committing all manner of things (crimes), which of them has been arrested or prosecuted? If one of them is arrested that is the last you hear. The next you hear is that he has been released. This will lead people to what we called jungle justice”

 “Nigeria has never been this divided, Nigeria has never been this insecure in over 50 years (of my existence) that I come to this world. Nigeria has never experienced this level of tribalism, nepotism. I have never seen it happen. It used to be ‘we are one Nigeria’. Now, it is now to be I am from the North I am from the South and I am from the East.”

 “It is so profound and pronounced especially with this government it was not this bad when the former president was there Goodluck Jonathan. Look at the secessionists, even when Obasanjo was there it was not this bad.” he added.

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