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British arrangement no longer working for Nigeria – Anglican Bishop

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Praise Necherem

Anglican Bishop of Ogbaru Diocese, Rt. Rev. Prosper Amah, has lent his voice to the call for restructuring, saying the British arrangement was no more working for Nigeria.

He said continued jettisoning of restructure call portended more crisis for the country in the nearest future.

Addressing reporters in Atani, Ogbaru local government area, the cleric said, “Looking at the indices around Nigeria, British amalgamation of 1914 was a mixture of oil and water which can never blend, and is not working for Nigeria. Only restructuring will save the country, give the country the peace that had eluded her.

“You will discover that some of the countries the British colonised have restructured and wriggled out of that British arrangement. Nigeria should also embrace restructuring because British arrangement is no more working for us. We need to restructure now.

“As long as we continue ignore restructuring which will require Constitutional amendment, terrible days are ahead of us, and Nigeria will continue to beat about the bush and the crisis in the country will persist.

“No doubt, some of our politicians, I call them regular politicians, may not like it and will kick against it. It’s obvious it will not favour them but we must ignore them.

“Nigerians should not look at whether it will favour them or not because they will not be there for ever. We should rather look at what will favour the general masses of Nigerians, the poor masses and the electorates.

“Let us go back to zones and empower them so that the center will no more have domineering powers, but as long as the centre continues to wield so much power, we will keep having crisis in Nigeria.”

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