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The General Overseer of Resurrection Praise Ministries, a.k.a Jehovah Sharp Sharp, Archbishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin has heavily criticised yesterday’s celebration of Nigeria’s independence citing so many reasons why it shouldn’t be celebrated in the first place.

recall that Lagos residents saw him on the street last year carrying a coffin on his head depicting his disapproval of the failed leadership in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is nowhere at the committees of nations right now at her 62nd birthday since independence.

“Do you remember during the victory of this administration in 2015, someone trekked from Lagos to Abuja to celebrate the victory of the current administration, a couple of days ago, he also decided to carry a coffin and wrote a RIP on the coffin and said he was on his way to Abuja this time not celebrate victory but to show disappointment over what the nation has to turn into”.

He said that Nigeria is in a great mess and requires great redemption right now and we also the need for crucial redemption is too serious now.

When it comes to APC’s the same faith ticket, he voiced his disappointment on the matter as he believes that it’s not fair to other faiths in the country, especially the Christians.
“I have said photo o many times that Muslim/Muslim ticket is unacceptable, unnatural, it’s devoid of equity, its injustice.

In a nation whereby you have like 60% of one faith and 40% of the other faith, Nigeria is a circular state where we are used to a muslim president or Christian deputy or Christian president and Muslim deputy, though was different during Abiola’s time due to religious tolerance at that time”.

He said that it was different then because now there’s a high case of insecurity, banditry and the rest.

He further spoke about the death of Deborah in Sokoto who was lynched to death by angry Muslim youth and another sister in nassarawa who was beheaded by the same angry Muslim extremists and nothing was done to get justice for them.

He lamented that a Christian is supposed to take over from Buhari but they decided to give it to another Muslim with his vice who’s also a Muslim.

Not mincing words, he said that any Christian who accepts a Muslim/Muslim ticket is a traitor and any Muslim who accepts a Muslim/Muslim ticket is not a sincere Muslim because it is quoted in Quran that justice must be meted out.

Muslim/Muslim tickets will remain unacceptable as long as Nigeria is concerned.

There’s nothing APC will do now that’ll matter because they neglected justice and transparency in the first place, he said.

He said that there’s nothing to celebrate when ASUU has been on strike for about 11 months.

He further mentioned that youths are very angry and wherever youths are standing, that’s where we their parents are standing.

What are we celebrating? Celebrating insecurity and bandits, he implored.

He also talked about the status quo; like knowing something common that’ll eventually happen when a particular party eventually emerges the winner in the coming elections.

Like knowing who and who that will get a particular post not minding the competency of the person, he said.

Further speaking, he said that are on strike simply because most of the politician’s children are schooling abroad and that’s why they don’t care about anything education.

“The truth is that I don’t know what we celebrated yesterday, he lamented.

He mentioned how FG gave away a sum of N1.4B to the Niger Republic while Nigerian students couldn’t go to school because of financial problems.

“This is the reason why these people need to be voted out of power because our children need to go to school”.

He said that FG has been making fake agreements with ASUU on every of their independence speech and something needs to be done about it.

He further said that he carried the coffin again to remind the whole Nigerians never to forget that no matter how time passes, they should remember the fake Bishops, hard times and the need to vote a credible person into office.

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